[act-ma] You're invited: 12/6 Speaking Peace - Intro to Non-Violent Communication (SoJust ProfDev)

Robbie Samuels send2robbie at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 06:51:33 PST 2016

Dear fellow activists and advocates,

It's been a tough week. Looking ahead we have a lot of work to do to
protect the progress we've made in our country. Right now, we're mired in
difficult conversations with those that approached this election with a
different worldview.

As a cross-issue progressive community and network Socializing for Justice
has no unified voice on what it means to be a "progressive" or how to
achieve our shared vision of a just world. We need to have tough
conversations with each other as well as those who oppose our efforts.

I encourage you to attend our December 6 ProfDev to add more tools to your
toolbox. Speaking Peace: Intro to Non-Violent Communication
has been our most popular session so register early to grab a seat.

For Justice,

Robbie Samuels
SoJust Co-Founder


Are you tired of conversations that involve aggravation, intimidation and
manipulation? Want to communicate in a way that fosters respect, peace and

Join Socializing for Justice for a ProfDev introducing Nonviolent
Communication on Tuesday, December 6 from 6:00-8:30 PM at The NonProfit
Center by South Station. Learn the basic principles of NVC and a specific
communication method that you'll be able to apply right away!

Fee: $15 advance/ $30 door
Limited space - register ahead of time at www.SoJust.org
Newcomers always welcomed!

Speaking Peace - An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way of communicating that strengthens
our ability to stay in touch with our humanity and get our needs met, even
under difficult circumstances. Instead of habitual responses, our words
become conscious responses based on a clear awareness of what we are
observing, feeling, and wanting. We are led to express ourselves with
honesty and clarity, while paying respectful and empathic attention to
others. Check out this brief intro video about NVC:


Gail Carroll and Paul Merrill As a CNVC certified trainer with NVC Boston,
Gail was drawn to NVC as a strategy to bring authenticity, clarity and
compassion into her professional and personal relationships.  She shares
NVC with the transformative power of compassion as the foundation of her
practice and teaching. Before moving to the Boston area, Paul taught NVC in
Boston, New York City, Belgium and Poland. He is a founding board member of
Brooklyn NVC.  Paul is known for his creativity and humor in teaching NVC.
Paul and Gail are both co-trainers for Mediate Your Life, a program for
those wishing to use NVC to increase their ability to resolve personal and
interpersonal conflicts. They have  a private practice in the Boston area,
offering private clients/couples NVC empathy and mediation. More about Gail
and Paul can be found at nvcboston.org.


Socializing for Justice - www.sojust.org

Since 2006, SoJust has hosted events that draw progressives of all stripes
that share common values but may work on different issues. We run a monthly
ProfDev Series, hosted by The NonProfit Center, which provides access to
affordable professional development to increase our individual capacity for
movement building.

With over 3000 members and 10 years of creating a diverse cross-issue
community in Boston (220+ events!), Socializing for Justice is the best
place to find the great people, organizations and community you're looking
for while putting the SOCIAL back in social justice.

YES, WE MEAN YOU. We've got members of all ages, races, genders, sexual
orientations, levels of activism and professions. We hope you see someone
like yourself and meet someone you otherwise wouldn't have.

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