[act-ma] 1/12/17 Boston - DSA & Dollars & Sense Movie Night "Wealth of Nations"

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Thu Dec 29 15:03:54 PST 2016

DSA/D&S Movie Night

Democratic Socialists of America, Boston and the Dollars and Sense
Collective present:  
The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel 

Date:	January 12, 2017
Place: 	Encuentro 5, 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108-4701
	(Near Park St. T) 
Time: 	7 PM
Discussant:  Autumn Beaudoin of Dollars and Sense

Disconnecting Adam Smith the economist from Adam Smith the moral philosopher
has led to tragic distortions that have profoundly shaped our global
economic system, as well as a complete misrepresentation of what Smith meant
by a "free market."   

"The Wealth of Nations: A New Gospel", part of documentary series on
capitalism,  shows how a misinterpretation of Adam Smith has led to
distortions that have tragically shaped our global economic system.  The
underpinnings of contemporary capitalism lie in an ideology born in the 19th
century; one which privileges greed over other equally deep-seated human
drives.   Smith did not favor a completely unregulated free market - in
fact, he thought it would be disastrous.

The film features interviews with Noam Chomsky, economist Ha-Joon Chang, and
Smith biographer Nicholas Phillipson, as well as archival footage of free
market ideologues such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. 

Autumn Beaudoin believes that educating individuals about their personal
finances is the first step in creating awareness around the ways in which
the current capitalist financial industry is exploitative of the individual.
In their role on the Dollars and Sense collective, Autumn directly engages
in creating awareness of the necessity to change our current political and
economic systems of oppression.

Film courtesy of Icarus Films.

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