[act-ma] Happy New Year from Act-MA

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sun Jan 1 07:25:42 PST 2017

We anticipate an extra eventful year!
Below is the annual reminder about the year end turn over of our archives.

Please tell your friends about Act-MA, information is at the bottom of every email and onhttp://www.act-ma.org <onhttp://www.act-ma.org>  

Check out the local list of progressive radio shows.  (click on the "Radio" tab on our main page or use the link below.)
and the list of other event calendars.  (click on the "Links" tab on our main page or use the link below.)
(As always please send updates or corrections.)


The year end transition always produces a little confusion about our archives.  Many people check them instead of getting emails directly.

If you click on the "current listings" tab on our web page, you will now get a choice of which years archives you want to look at.

A reminder about act-ma 2016 vs 2017 archives.

The current version of act-ma software archives emails by the year, so anything
sent last year will be in the archive below even if it is an event in 2016.
The new archive for emails sent this year is
You may want to resend any notices for this year so it will be archived in the new
location for 2017.

The act-ma website will have links to both. If you go to

http://www.act-ma.org       and click on Archives in
the top row, it has links to both , 2017 and the previous act-ma archives
on the Topica system, which go back to 2000.


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