[act-ma] 1/25 NoDAPL Urgent Solidarity Response (tonight)

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Jan 25 10:15:22 PST 2017

 From facebook


The Democracy Center <https://www.facebook.com/democracycenter45/> and 
Medicine Wheel Solidarity Network 
<https://www.facebook.com/MedicineWheelSolidarityNetwork/> acting in 
solidarity with Water Protectors at Standing Rock are hosting this 
public action to condemn Trump's executive orders related to the Dakota 
Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Boston Common, at the steps leading to the Statehouse near Park St
6:30 pm - 8 pm


- Opening Circle - 6:30/45 pm
- Action alerts, updates on the executive orders, and the strategy of 
targeting banks funding the pipeline
- Chanting and singing - 7 pm
- Indigenous led organizations, actions, and events coming up; signing 
up and getting connected
- If there is a critical mass of folks, we will march to a TD Bank 
branch and singing and chant outside it
- Closing by 8 pm

We are seeking ASL interpreters and a sound system/megaphones

Action Guidelines:
- no non-Native person should bring or wear regalia, headdresses, drums, 
sage, or any other sacred objects from cultures that are not your own.

- bring a sign and follow the messaging from camp: Mni Wiconi/Water Is 
Life, Respect Native Sovereignty, Honor the Treaties. This is not a 
generic anti Trump protest (though of course we oppose him and all white 
supremacist, settler colonist governments)

- we support a diversity of tactics in the struggle for decolonization, 
AND as this is a solidarity action it will be a PEACEFUL PROTEST

Greetings Relatives:
Young aspiring Allies originally initiated this Ally Solidarity event 
and then asked for input and support. After the event initiators decided 
to step down, a group of Settler-Allies from Medicine Wheel Solidarity 
Network agreed to stepped up in order to maintain and hold this Ally 
Solidarity event in a positive and good way.

It is of incredible importance you hear from the Native community, which 
is not homogeneous, we have some input from some community members, this 
is not meant to be a finite list.

Please be humble and mindful of the following:

It is important you understand that You are NOT representing natives, 
you are acting as an ALLY in SOLIDARITY.

There are concerns from indigenous community members that this is a 
PEACEFUL, not violent, event.

Have a moment of silence to pray or meditate FOR MOTHER EARTH FIRST-this 
is Traditional way across many Peoples.

That you respect and honor the sayings and words coming from the 
movement. For example: Water is Life. Honor the Treaties. Respect Tribal 
Sovereignty. PLS INCLUDE ALL OF THESE because these are of utmost 
importance to indigenous people across this land.

That no one disrespect Native culture or promote cultural appropriation. 
Again you are NOT representing Natives, you are acting as an ALLY in 
SOLIDARITY. Please do so humbly and respectfully. This is important.

Pilamayaye. Thank You.

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