[act-ma] 3/7 Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking (SoJust ProfDev)

Robbie Samuels send2robbie at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:21:29 PST 2017

With all that is going on politically right now, the need for nonprofits to
achieve their missions is greater than ever. People are stepping up in many
ways to help them. One that most people fear, but is critical to an
organization's success, is to ask for money.

Since 2009, I've helped hundreds of people each year gain the confidence
they need to support the organizations and causes they care about. It’s
more than just a how-to session, attendees are asked to reflect on their
own positive experience as donors and compare that with their angst as

The goal is to reframe asking as an opportunity for deeper engagement and
to build confidence. Throughout the session attendees are asked to rate
their confidence around fundraising – with a “thumbometer”. By the end all
thumbs are “up”!

This session has been well received by development professionals,
non-profit board members, and grassroots organizers. Included in the fee,
attendees receive a multi-page handout that will make it easy for them to
share these tips with their colleagues.

Join Socializing for Justice for this professional development training:

Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking
Tuesday, March 7, 6:00 - 8:30 PM
at The NonProfit Center by South Station

Fee: $15 advance/$30 door
Limited space - register ahead o*f time at www.SoJust.org
Credit cards accepted online and at the door.
*Newcomers always welcomed!*

Fundraising: Getting Past the Fear of Asking
This engaging coaching session focuses on getting past the fear of asking
and how to avoid some common mistakes. Learn an easy way to sort through
contact lists and build a strong prospect list based on the 3 Cs of
fundraising: capacity, connection and commitment. Learn specific language
for how to make a strong ask, based on the relationship-building tips
shared in Art of the Schmooze, and ten tips that will make your next
fundraising plan a success. "If you are afraid to ask for money, kick
yourself out of the way and let the cause talk."


Robbie Samuels has been recognized as a networking expert by *Inc*. and
*Lifehacker*, and profiled in "Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough
Idea and Build a Following Around It." Since 2009, his engaging and fun
presentations have helped a wide array of audiences increase their
networking and fundraising confidence. From 2005-2015, Robbie was Senior
Manager of Events and Donor Engagement at GLAD and coordinated up to 25
fundraisers and donor cultivation events a year. These fundraisers raised
nearly one million dollars annually (25% of GLAD's budget). In 2006, he
founded Socializing for Justice (SoJust.org) to build a cross-cultural,
cross-issue progressive community and network in Boston. In recognition of
his social justice work, Boston City Council named his birthday "Robbie
Samuels Day" in 2011. Learn about Robbie and his work at
www.RobbieSamuels.com <http://www.robbiesamuels.com/>


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Socializing for Justice - www.sojust.org

SoJust hosts events that draw progressives of all stripes that share common
values but may work on different issues. We host monthly socials that allow
for the possibility of cross-issue connections and run a monthly ProfDev
Series, hosted by The NonProfit Center*, which provides access to
affordable professional development to increase our individual capacity for
movement building.

With over 3000 members and 10+ years of creating a diverse cross-issue
community in Boston (225+ events!), Socializing for Justice is the best
place to find the great people, organizations and community you're looking
for while putting the SOCIAL back in social justice.

YES, WE MEAN YOU. We've got members of all ages, races, genders, sexual
orientations, levels of activism and professions. We hope you see someone
like yourself and meet someone you otherwise wouldn't have.

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