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Rally for # criminaljustice to #freemumia: If you can make it to
Philadelphia on April 24
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Subject: Importance of Being in Philly on April 24th!

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*The Campaign to Bring Mumia Home*

Dear Mumia Supporters,

You have gotten many emails from us over the years, inviting you to
countless events, which have educated, entertained and mobilized around the
case of Mumia Abu Jamal, his innocence, his health, and the stories of
other brave, brilliant, revolutionary political prisoners.

What makes April 24th so different?

The forces of injustice in this case have been successful in preventing
Mumia's innocence from seeing the light of day in court for the entire
duration of his incarceration.

But on April 24th, the day of Mumia's birthday, the courts are going to
hear an important issue on his conviction--the closest we've come to
achieving freedom for Mumia and bringing him home.

Ronald Castille was one of the Philadelphia prosecutors who helped put
Mumia behind bars.  Recall that, the jury that convicted and sentenced
Mumia was told repeatedly not to worry hat they could be sentencing an
innocent man to death because he would have "appeal after appeal" to work
it out.  Well, this was not so!  The judge who heard and denied Mumia's
most important appeals was none other than Ronald Castille!  Nothing less
than the case of asking the goat to watch the lettuce, but which the
Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional in summer 2016 in a case involving the
same judge!!!

This is what is at issue on April 24th.

Do not miss this hugely significant chance to support our dearly beloved
teacher, Mumia Abu Jamal.  We need to show up in force and pack the court
on April 24th!

Free Mumia!!
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*“Prison is a second-by-second assault on the soul, a day-to-day
degradation of the self, an oppressive steel and brick umbrella that
transforms seconds into hours and hours into days.”*
-Mumia Abu-Jamal
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