[act-ma] July 30th (Sun) @ 6 PM; Harvest Co-op Emergency Member Meeting

R. Wayne Clark rwayneclark at igc.org
Thu Jul 27 04:53:36 PDT 2017

Fellow Activists,


On Sunday, July 30th at 6 PM, Harvest Co-op is holding an Emergency Member
Meeting at Spontaneous Celebration (45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plan, MA) to
consider actions that we hope will save our co-op from closure.  We will
consider whether to remove some or all the current Directors from the Board.  We
will also discuss the type of real co-op that we would like to see Harvest
become.  This meeting is very important to the future of Harvest Co-op and to
the future of co-ops in the Boston-area, in general.


If you are a Harvest Co-op Member now, please try to attend this meeting.  If
you are not a Harvest Co-op Member now, then you can drop by either store in
Central Square, Cambridge or Arboretum, JP, and become a Member prior to meeting
on Sunday.  I hope that Harvest Members will drive the future of Co-ops in
Boston.  If you only attend one Harvest Co-op meeting in your life, this is the
one to attend.


Why are we doing this?  Harvest is about to go bankrupt, because the current
Board of Directors has alienated the Members and driven them away.  We need to
re-direct Harvest Co-op toward much more Member Involvement and Participation.
If you believe that Co-ops are a better way to share a Community of Food, then
you need to attend this meeting and share your vision.


Come support our Member Revolution and tell the world that Member-centered
Co-ops are here to stay.


Co-operatively, Wayne.



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