[act-ma] 5 Days until a Co-op Member Revolution

R. Wayne Clark rwayneclark at igc.org
Sat Oct 21 13:35:44 PDT 2017

Fellow Activists,


Within the next 5 days, Harvest Co-op will either experience a Member Revolution
or a bankruptcy.  There are many events leading to this final outcome.


On Sunday (10/22) afternoon from 1 - 3 PM at the Arboretum Store in JP (3815
Washington St., Jamaica Plain, MA), there will be an Employee Appreciation Day
to show support for the Harvest workers despite the difficult financial times.


On Sunday (10/22) evening @ 6:30 - 8:30 PM at Spontaneous Celebrations (45
Danforth St., Jamaica Plain, MA), we will convene an Emergency Member Meeting
(EMM), which will consider issues to be proposed at the Annual Member Meeting.


On Tuesday (10/24) evening @ 6:30 PM, we will hold a Candidates Forum at the
Central Square Store in Cambridge (580 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA).  This will be
a time for Members to meet and interact with Candidates for the Board of
Directors of Harvest Co-op.


On Wednesday (10/25) @ 6 PM at St. Paul's AME Church in Central Square, (87
Bishop Allen Dr., Cambridge, MA), Harvest Co-op will hold its Annual Member
Meeting (AMM); link here AMM
<http://harvest.coop/the-annual-meeting-october-25th/> .  At the AMM, Harvest
will elect new leadership and will make decisions which could take the Co-op in
either a more corporate or a more co-operative direction.  We will consider many
important motions, among them a motion to remove all current Directors from the
Board and to elect completely new leadership for our Co-op.


If you want to take power away from the Corporate Board and to give the power
back to the Members and Workers, you should come participate in our Co-op Member
Revolution.  If we cannot obtain our Co-op Member Revolution, then the likely
result will be bankruptcy soon, given that Harvest is insolvent now.


Co-operatively, Wayne.



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