[act-ma] Working Class Solidarity in China & Beyond | Saturday, April 7, 3PM at the CME

Center for Marxist Education centermarxisteducation at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 18:36:24 PDT 2018

 *Saturday, April 7 | 3:00 - 5:00 PM *
*Working Class Solidarity in China & Beyond*
*Panelists*: Cameron Orr, Young Communist League; Duncan McFarland, CME &
CCDS Socialist Education Project, Donald Donato, CPUSA International Dept.
& CPUSA-Boston, Wadi'h Halabi, CPUSA Economics Commission & CME

China and US workers are inextricably linked by a political economy rife
with contradictions. This roundtable will discuss recent events in China
including the National People's Congress in March (Xi Jinping's plans for
socialist development, and removing the presidency term limit) and the
Trump tariffs, as well as US-China relations. The discussion will also
attempt to examine ways in which we, as working people in the US and other
countries, can help advance the common interests of the working class in
China, the US, and beyond. Although difficult, a failure to work together
through these contradictions can set the stage for terrible defeats -- such
as counter-revolution in the USSR, and weakening of the working class in
general. Capitalism is in general crisis. This is a time for the working
class to advance towards completing the transition socialism.

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