[act-ma] 5/20 Venezuelan Election night streaming coverage from TeleSUR at E5

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Fri May 11 08:19:58 PDT 2018

We will be gathering Sunday May 20 observe the election night coverage 
from Venezuela on TeleSUR.

Also interspersed with the coverage will be some local and 
internationally skyped comments by Venezuelan Solidarity Activists.
6 to 9 PM
6 PM TeleSUR English streaming starts
6:30 to 7:45 streaming sometimes interrupted by activists.
7:45 to at least 9 streaming continues.

Check out TeleSUR https://www.telesurtv.net/english 

Encuentro 5
9A Hamilton Place, Boston (near Park St and the Orpheum Theatre)

Note that at the time of the event the poles will be closed but the 
election results will most likely not be final yet.


Coverage is the US media of the situation in Venezuela is the real “fake 
news”.  The truth is complicated, but one thing is obvious.  The USA is 
continuing it's ongoing effort to intervene in Venezuela against the 
wishes of the majority of the population.   One example of the lack of 
honest press coverage…

CLAP* delivers food to communities throughout the country.
(CLAP is a program that delivers subsidized food to provide some 
insurance against the use of food as a weapon by US policies and the 
Venezuelan right wing.)
The socialist party leader said the sanctions are part of an 
“asymmetrical (US) war.”
While Venezuela does have a food crisis that has resulted in mass food 
shortages, the blame is often pinned on the country’s socialist 
government. Government officials accuse right-wing opposition forces and 
their allies in the private sector and in international finance of 
intentionally sabotaging the economy.
Last year, over 750 opposition-controlled offshore companies linked to 
the Panama Papers scandal were accused of purposely redirecting 
Venezuelan imports of raw food materials from the government to the 
private sector. Many of these companies sell their products to private 
companies in Colombia, which resell them to Venezuelans living close to 
In one of many attacks on food warehouses and distribution during recent 
opposition-led violence, in June protesters attacked a state-owned 
storehouse, setting fire to the building and destroying food reserves 
that were kept there.
About 50 tons of food that would have been distributed through the 
Mercal subsidized food market and subsidized government programs were 
ravaged by the flames, affecting some 40,000 families.

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