[act-ma] 7/08 Building Mass Movements, tonight at 6pm!

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Building Mass Movements

Sunday, July 8th from 6pm to 9pm

Encuentro 5, 9a Hamilton Pl, Boston

Rev. Vernon K Walker
– Associate Pastor at the Barachah Church in Dorchester
-- MA Poor Peoples Campaign
John Harris
– Participated in the organization of the May 1, 2006 General Strike

The history of social progress for working people has been a history of 
mass social movements. These social movements have struggled and 
achieved real change and developed revolutionary potential in the 
process. But how are they built and sustained, and how do they fail? The 
government in Washington and their masters on Wall Street will continue 
their generalized assault on youth and working people. And they will 
continue to damage the world we live in unless we develop successful 
strategies and tactics for fighting against them. Please join with the 
Boston May Day Coalition in a discussion on Building Mass Movements! We 
will be taking up questions of strategy and tactics in the Occupy Boston 
Movement, the 2006 General Strike in Boston, the Poor Peoples Campaign, 
and other movements for change. Please share your ideas, questions, and 

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