[act-ma] 9/20 Red-Green Revolution: Book Launch Conversation & Party

Suren Moodliar suren at fairjobs.org
Mon Sep 17 08:40:48 PDT 2018

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 7:00 - 9:30 P.M.
9a Hamilton Place, Boston, MA 02108

This event celebrates Victor Wallis’ new book, Red-Green Revolution.
Building on decades of serious theorizing, teaching, and organizing against
the challenges facing humanity living under the weight of an ecocidal and
militarized capitalism, Victor writes in the tradition and style of the
independent socialists of Monthly Review. Channeling George Monbiot’s and
Naomi Klein’s wide lens and sense of urgency, Victor also brings
intellectual rigor and startling clarity to a wide range of immediate
concerns: diversity and coalition building; local and global organizing;
post-capitalist social organization; technological change and social
relations. Chaired by Edward Carson, the event also features a conversation
between Victor and five movement organizers, Kim Barzola, Elan Axelbank,
Mea Johnson, Keely Mullen, and Nino Brown. Download the poster here:

Light refreshments and post-event reception.

Please scroll down to learn more about the speakers

Comments on the book:

Finally, we have the definitive work on ecosocialism... Victor brings his
brilliant editorial skills to writing a highly readable, compelling, and
essential book, a must read for everyone who cares about the fate of the
earth in this era of capitalist implosion with socialism no longer a
possible alternative, but rather a requirement for survival.
—Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, author of *An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the
United States*

Red-Green Revolution is clearly written and focused, but far from dry: it
is a passionate call to organize and act. Victor Wallis puts the need to
build [a] mass movement to end capitalist ecocide at the top of [the]
ecosocialist agenda, where it surely belongs. His book is essential reading
for everyone who agrees with that goal.
—Ian Angus, editor of Climate & Capitalism

About our featured speaker:

   - Victor Wallis is the author of Red-Green Revolution: The Politics and
   Technology of Ecosocialism (2018). He was for twenty years the managing
   editor of Socialism and Democracy. He teaches in the Liberal Arts
   department at the Berklee College of Music (in Boston), having previously
   taught political science for many years at Indiana University-Purdue
   University at Indianapolis. His articles – encompassing an array of
   subjects including ecology, political strategies, the US Left, US labor
   songs, and Latin American revolutionary film – have appeared in Monthly
   Review, Capitalism Nature Socialism, New Political Science, Socialism and
   Democracy, Jump Cut, Organization & Environment, International Critical
   Thought, and the Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism, plus
   book-chapters and online publications in several countries, and have been
   translated into thirteen language. His activism, addressing a wide range of
   issues, dates from the 1960s.

About our commentators:

   - Elan Axelbank is a member of Socialist Alternative and is currently
   their Boston and New England Organizer. He experiences include in the
   student movement, socialist electoral work, and labor and minimum-wage
   - Kimberly Barzola is a Quechua visual artist and organizer with the
   Party for Socialism and Liberation. She is passionate about multilingual
   justice has a background in student organizing, native language
   revitalization projects and currently works as a freelance Spanish
   interpreter and librarian assistant in the Greater Boston Area.
   - Nino Brown is a Dorchester resident, Boston Public School educator,
   and building representative with the Boston Teacher's Union. He is an
   anti-war & anti-racist organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, is a
   founding member of Mass Action Against Police Brutality, the Jericho
   Movement Boston Chapter, and a organizer with the Party for Socialism
   and Liberation. Nino focuses on building community power to support
   organized Labor, anti-imperialism and the struggle against white supremacy,
   and ending the US prison and warfare state. Nino is also journalist and
   contributor to Liberation News where he writes about a number of subjects
   pertaining to the global class struggle for socialism and liberation.
   - Mea Johnson is the Lead Organizer with the Restaurant Opportunities
   Center of Boston (ROC Boston), a Restaurant Worker Center that organizes
   for better industry standards. Mea is also an Indigenous Cuisine baker and
   a worker-owner in Olio Catering Co-op.  Mea has been doing grassroots
   organizing in the Boston area for 15 years, as well as organizing with the
   Native community, both locally and nationally.  Mea is a mom, writer and
   - Keely Mullen is a member of Socialist Alternative and on the Editorial
   Board for their website and newspaper, also called Socialist Alternative.
   She has done much organizing in the student movement, environmental
   movement, women's movement, and more.

About our Facilitator:

   - Eddie Carson has been organizing workers, and educating them on the
   need for solidarity while addressing the complexity of intersectional
   struggles during his five-year tenure in Greater Boston. As a trained
   historian, he is a prolific writer on matters regarding American Black
   thought, race, and religion. Currently, he chairs the Communist Party
   USA-Boston and sits on committees for the Boston Socialist Unity Project
   and for the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge, MA.

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