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Hello friends of the CME!

The October 2018 CME Events Schedule is available at

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Saturday, October 6 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM

A Celebration of the Chinese Revolution of 1949

Panelists: Richard Pendleton, Duncan McFarland, and Wadi'h Halabi

The Chinese revolution led by the communist party won victory in 1949 and
established the People's Republic on Oct. 1, 1949.  This victory was a
giant step forward for humanity's transition from capitalism to socialism.
It also won China relative political independence from world capitalism,
after a century of humiliation and oppression.

Today we recognize China's immense achievements in improving living and
educational standards for the Chinese people, and achieving rapid
industrialization and creation of the world's largest working class.  We
also recognize immense problems and challenges.  As China rises in the 21st
century, once again the Communist Party of China is reaching out to the
international working class and is making ambitious plans for socialist

The program will feature presentations by a panel: 1) Richard Pendleton,
who first visited China in 1971 and met Zhou Enlai, will provide a long
term perspective from the US-China Peoples Friendship Association.  2)
Duncan McFarland, coordinator of the China Study Group at the CME since
2008, will describe important China-related events over the last year
including the deterioration of US-China relations, and 3) Wadi'h Halabi,
economics commission of CPUSA, will talk about China's rising productivity
of labor in manufacturing over the last decade, which now surpasses the
capitalist world.  This has far-reaching implications. Presentations
followed by discussion.

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