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Thu Oct 25 11:06:12 PDT 2018

The 34th New England Gathering of War Tax Resisters will take place from 
Friday 6PM to Sunday 1PM, Nov 16-18, 2018. It will be held at the 
Woolman Hill Retreat Center in Deerfield, MA.

Online registration 

  There is a registration fee, but no one will be turned away for lack 
of funds

brochure https://nwtrcc.org/PDFs/NewEngland2018.pdf

Questions/Ride Share/Airport pickup: Contact Bob Bady at
bobbady at gmail.com​ or 802-258-7750, or call Aaron Falbel at 413-397-8976

This year's  Gathering will consider the lessons learned from the 
Colrain Actions for resistance in the current socioeconomic context. 
Participants in the Colrain Actions, other WTResisters, and activists in 
other areas of resistance are expected to attend.

 From the Brochure:

"On Sunday​, in what may well be the capstone of the Gathering, we will 
explore the legacy of the Colrain action and examine in what ways it has 
impacted the WTR movement and the larger peace movement generally. 
Twenty-five years ago, it seemed as if we were on the cusp of something 
revolutionary and that the Colrain action would provide a powerful model 
for expressing a conscientious nonviolent response to war and war 
preparations. This, alas, has not come to pass. We hope to ask — and try 
to answer — some difficult but important questions: How did the Colrain 
action impact the WTR movement and the broader peace and social justice 
movement? It clearly energized its own participants, but what about 
others? Did it inspire people, or did it scare them away? Why didn't the 
Colrain experience catalyze similar actions across the country? Were we 
mistaken about WTR as an expression of political power and as a mode of 
resistance that could change the calculus of military spending and 
war-making? Why are we not seeing a resurgence of WTR now, in the Trump 
era? Why does it not seem relevant to most peace activists? Is there a 
way it can once again become relevant? We invite activists, both old and 
young, to help us explore these important questions — and not only for 
historical reasons. They are clearly important today."

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