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Thu Jan 24 16:11:50 PST 2019

Discussion Group on

Cooperation, Community and Co-ops  in a Global Era*

by Carl Ratner


Starting in February 2019

Date, Time and Location TBA

PDF of text available online*


For more information:

pledgetofuture at hotmail.com <mailto:Pledgetofuture at hotmail.com>  or



Carl Ratner "demonstrates how cooperative principles can make a social
system not just more efficient and less wasteful of time and resources, but
also more democratic, empowering, and fulfilling for everyone involved. . .
.Social scientists, co-op members, policy makers, social philosophers,
mediators, community builders, social reformers, and all those concerned
with a viable solution to contemporary crises will find Cooperation,
Community, and Co-Ops in a Global Era stimulating and informative."
(publisher's comments)



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