[act-ma] 3/10 CINDY SHEEHAN receives Sacco-&-Vanzetti Award from CCB *this* Sunday, , 11AM--spread the word!

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Mar 6 06:28:17 PST 2019

Dear Peace Friends,

Many people know Cindy Sheehan best as the “Peace Mom,” and from Camp 
where she and others camped outside W’s TX ranch to ask what “nobel cause"
her eldest son, Casey, died for in Iraq; or from her ongoing peace work
“occupying DC” too, during the "Obama era"; her Senate run against
Nancy Pelosi; or her many, many books** — and, most recently,
her March on the Pentagon against the bipartisan war machine.

I invited Cindy to come to CCB a long time back, when she was working on 
*other* “Women’s March”—on the Pentagon—and she will be at CCB (565
Boylston Street, Second Floor, by Copley Square) this Sunday….

…where she will receive the Church’s highest honor, the annual 
award, given to those who make a real difference in peace and justice. Which
Cindy clearly has done, for many years.

I hope you can join us (and invite others) to hear Cindy, an awesome
speaker who always has a lot to say. I know I’m looking forward to

hearing her again.

Community Church of Boston

Sunday, Mar. 10th   11 AM

followed by a lite lunch

Joan Livingston, VFP, Committee for Peace and Human Rights, CCB.

**Cindy’s books include “Peace Mom”; “Myth America” (2 volumes); 
“Revolution: A Love Story” (about Venezuela before the current coup); 
and “The Obama Files: Chronicles of an Award-Winning War Criminal”; in 
addition, Cindy has written introductions to such important anti-war 
tomes as Dalton Trumbo’s “Johnny Got His Gun,” and Smedley Butler’s “War 
is a Racket."


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