[act-ma] Join the protest Sat. March 30 at 1pm /The Great March of Return in Gaza: One Year On

Duncan McFarland mcfarland13 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 29 10:29:27 PDT 2019

The Great March of Return in Gaza: One Year On

*When:* Saturday, March 30, 2019, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
*Where: *Boston Common • Park Street T-station • Boston

*Tear Down the Walls!  Join the Protest and Standout!  Organized by the
Boston Palestinian Solidarity Network.*

On March 30, 2019, Palestinians and their allies in Boston and across the
world will gather to commemorate the first anniversary of the Great March
of Return, which began in the Gaza Strip last year.

On Land Day 2018, 30,000 Palestinians marched in an attempt to return home
to the villages they were forced to flee 70 years ago, many of which lay
just across the fences that surround Gaza. The protests were planned to
last six weeks, from Land Day on March 30 to Nakba Day on May 15. During
that time, the Israeli military killed over 100 protestors and injured
thousands more, most of whom were civilians, including medics, journalists,
and many children. Protests continued after May 15 as a result and many
more Palestinians have been killed and injured since.

Land is vitally important. It literally and figuratively feeds the people
that live upon it. The settler-colonial practices of stealing, controlling,
and abusing land has occurred all over the world, from the Americas to
Africa to Palestine, and has been used to limit the ability of people to
survive at the expense of others.

The purpose of Land Day is to center Palestinians’ right to be on their
land. Therefore, as we commemorate the bold and brave actions of
Palestinians in Gaza, we also recognize many other peoples around the world
who have been impoverished, oppressed, and killed for generations as a
result of settler-colonial projects, including the indigenous peoples of
the Americas.

As we support the UN report identifying Israeli war crimes during the Great
March of Return, we also demand an examination of the crimes being
committed by ICE. As we stand in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar and others that
have bravely fought for the rights of the oppressed, we call on other
leaders to do the same. As we stand for one oppressed people, we stand for
all oppressed peoples.

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