[act-ma] May 4 at 12 noon: "Roots of revolution in China: the student-led May 4th movement of 1919 and its impact today"

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Tue Apr 23 04:48:30 PDT 2019

*Marking the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement in China*

*"Roots of revolution in China: the student-led May 4th movement of 1919
and its impact today"*

*May 4th, 2019: 12-2pm *

*Center for Marxist Education -- 550 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge*

A film segment on the history of the period will be followed by a
presentation by Charles Zhengyang Xiao, a local high school student
inspired by the May Fourth Movement

Commentary by Emily Dong, who aims to apply lessons of the movement to
today’s world, especially African-Asia relations inspired by WEB DuBois,
Paul Robeson and the Chinese Revolution

The May Fourth Movement of 1919 is one of the most important events in
China's 20th century history of modernization and revolution.  Mass
student-led demonstrations in Beijing and nationwide protested the
imperialist machinations at Versailles after World War I, which awarded
German concessions in Shandong Province to Japan -- even though China
fought on the side of the victorious allies.  Despite helping win the war,
China was treated as a loser!

The protests soon targeted the weak Chinese government which acquiesced in
the decision, not standing up for its basic rights at the international
conference.  The students called for modernization of science and
technology, democracy and radical change in semi-feudal and semi-colonial
China.  Soon the movement united students, patriotic merchants and
workers.  The movement was a major contributor to the founding of the
Communist Party of China in 1921 and the advance of the Chinese revolution,
which would soon incorporate peasants and one day shake the world.  There
will be important commemorations across the country this year.

Today, China is concerned with many of the same issues: 1) resisting
imperialist pressure, but now with strength; 2) advancing to the forefront
of modern science and technology, such as the cutting edge China 2025
program; 3) improving socialist governance and democracy, such as the
anti-corruption campaign.  The most important current campaign is the
elimination of poverty before 2021, the 100th anniversary of the founding
of the CCP.

The program will review the May Fourth Movement and related history, and
discuss its ongoing impact.  Please join us; it is not possible to
understand contemporary China without knowing some basic history!

*Co-sponsored by US-China Peoples Friendship Association of New England.*

*We regret the program is not at an accessible location.*

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