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*The Center for Marxist Education presents...*

*Saturday, June 29 | 3:00 - 5:00 PM Africa-Asia Travel Film, *Alvin Foster

*Sunday, June 30 | 6:00 PM*

*Film Screening: Get Out, *Richard Pendleton and Alvin Foster

The success of Jordan Peele’s Get Out – it took $30m in its first weekend
in the US – is remarkable for lots of reasons. This is a first-time film
from a respected, but essentially cult comedian, with no real big-name
stars and a premise that is anathema to most of middle America. Yet people
came out to see it in their thousands and critics raved about a horror
film, which just does not happen. The film has a A- rating from audiences
on CinemaScore, which as some have pointed out is unheard of for a horror,
and a rare 99% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Like Donald Glover’s Atlanta,
almost universal praise has followed the film’s debut and as with that
series, Peele has dealt with race in America in a refreshing, funny and
unflinching manner. The number of things Peele manages to reference is
stunning: the taboo of mixed relationships, eugenics, the slave trade,
black men dying first in horror films, suburban racism, police brutality. (
Check out the trailer <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzfpyUB60YY> here.

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