[act-ma] 7/8 6:30pm Why Raytheon: A Forum on the Raytheon Anti-War Campaign

Ryan Costello ryanvcostello at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 06:07:14 PDT 2019

Why Raytheon: A Forum on the Raytheon Anti-War Campaign
*Date:* Monday 07/08/2019
*Time:* 6:30-8:30pm
*Place:* Encuentro Cinco, 9a Hamilton Place, Boston, MA
*Facebook: *https://www.facebook.com/events/405826533355502/

Speakers and video from Campaign activities will inform you about:

   - How arms sales by Raytheon and other military companies are
   devastating Yemen
   - How the Campaign works to end the war in Yemen and to prevent war with
   - The Campaign’s strategy to end Raytheon’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia
   - The Campaign’s relationship with college students
   - The numerous actions carried out by the Campaign over the past 9 months
   - The Campaign’s bill in the Mass. state legislature to divest from war
   companies selling weapons to the Saudis
   - Implications of Raytheon's plans to merge with United Technologies to
   form an even bigger war company
   - How you can connect with this growing new peace campaign

For information or to sign up to help the campaign, go to
or call 617-354-2169

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