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Monday, July 8

5pm  Wentworth in Town: Making Deaf Rochester: The History of a deaf community
7pm  One Giant Leap:  The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon

Tuesday, July 9

4pm  AgConnect: What's in the Label?
5:30pm  Post-Conference Networking: Sustainable Investing Solutions
7pm  The Impeachers:  The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation
7pm  Hit Hard 

Wednesday, July 10 – Thursday, July 11

LONGEVITY - 20th Annual Harvard Nutrition and Obesity Symposium

Wednesday, July 10

12pm  Brown Bag Lunch: Open-Ocean Aquaculture
4pm  Try a New Perspective
4pm  HubWeek Open Doors: Kendall Square
6pm  Farming for Justice Discussion Group
6pm  The Substance of Soil

Thursday, July 11

8:30am  EBC Energy Conference: Briefing by the New England State Energy Leaders
5:30pm  EnergyBar Off-Grid Edition: Startup Solutions for the Clean Energy Future
6pm  Chasing the Moon: A Public Conversation with Robert Stone and Alan Andres
6pm  Boston Climate Action Network - Action Team Meeting
6:30pm  CoSI Dinner Discussion: How should the scientific community engage with political campaigns to fight against climate change?
7pm  Ways of Hearing

Friday, July 12

4:45pm  FridayStrike4ClimateAction
7pm  Meet Mason Funk author of "The Book Of Pride”
7pm  Boston Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Detention Camps

Saturday, July 13

11am  ArtBeat Festival

Monday, July 15

6pm  Boston New Technology Mobile Apps & Tech Startup Showcase #BNT103
6:30pm  On Nazis, Art, and the Question of Forgiveness: Two Novelists Confront the Legacies of Their Families with Rachel Kadish and Jessica Shattuck
7pm  American Exceptionalism and American Innocence:  A Peoples' History of Fake News—From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror
7pm  JP Solar Happy Hour, July 2019

Tuesday, July 16

7:30am  EBC Climate Change Program: Preventing Toxic Exposures During Climate Events Severe Weather & Emergency Preparedness for Facilities
5:30pm  Building a JUST Future: The Living Future JUST Program with Goody Clancy
6pm  Climate Ready Downtown & North End: Presentation & Open House #2
6pm  Ben Franklin Circles: Moderation
6:30pm  The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life's Work with Professor Nicholas Pearce
7pm  Darkness in Distress


My rough notes on some of the events I go to and notes on books I’ve read are at:

How Do You Pay for the Green New Deal:  Cost of Fuel


Monday, July 8

Wentworth in Town: Making Deaf Rochester: The History of a deaf community
Monday, July 8
5:00 – 6:00 pm
Wentworth, 550 Huntington Avenue, Room 202, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wentworth-in-town-the-history-of-a-deaf-community-dr-mary-beth-kitzel-tickets-63480937192

Mary Beth Kitzel, PhD 
The social history of early deaf communities remains largely unexplored and conducting historical research on these marginalized people offers fascinating challenges to the researcher. This presentation explores the development of one such deaf community. Rochester, New York, was founded in the early 1800s. It currently boasts the largest per capita deaf population in the United States and is home to two internationally famous deaf education institutions – The Rochester School for the Deaf (founded 1876) and The National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology (founded 1968). But what was Rochester like for its early deaf citizens and what synergistic forces supported the deaf development of today’s strong deaf community in the US’s first 19th century ‘boomtown’?
Mary Beth Kitzel, PhD (Sussex), is a historical geographer in the History Department of the College of Liberal Arts at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and conducts research for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT. She studies the origins of deaf communities and their associated institutions in the UK and the US.

Wine, cheese and other refreshments will be provided, with an opportunity for networking and discussion following the event.


One Giant Leap:  The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon
Monday, July 8
7:00 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Harvard Book Store welcomes acclaimed writer CHARLES FISHMAN—author of The Walmart Effect, Curious Minds, and The Big Thirst—for a discussion of his latest book, One Giant Leap: The Impossible Mission That Flew Us to the Moon.

About One Giant Leap
President John F. Kennedy astonished the world on May 25, 1961, when he announced to Congress that the United States should land a man on the Moon by 1970. No group was more surprised than the scientists and engineers at NASA, who suddenly had less than a decade to invent space travel.

When Kennedy announced that goal, no one knew how to navigate to the Moon. No one knew how to build a rocket big enough to reach the Moon, or how to build a computer small enough (and powerful enough) to fly a spaceship there. No one knew what the surface of the Moon was like, or what astronauts could eat as they flew there. On the day of Kennedy’s historic speech, America had a total of fifteen minutes of spaceflight experience—with just five of those minutes outside the atmosphere. Russian dogs had more time in space than U.S. astronauts. Over the next decade, more than 400,000 scientists, engineers, and factory workers would send 24 astronauts to the Moon. Each hour of space flight would require one million hours of work back on Earth to get America to the Moon on July 20, 1969.
Fifty years later, One Giant Leap is the sweeping, definitive behind-the-scenes account of the furious race to complete one of mankind’s greatest achievements. It’s a story filled with surprises—from the item the astronauts almost forgot to take with them (the American flag), to the extraordinary impact Apollo would have back on Earth, and on the way we live today.

Charles Fishman introduces readers to the men and women who had to solve 10,000 problems before astronauts could reach the Moon. From the research labs of MIT, where the eccentric and legendary pioneer Charles Draper created the tools to fly the Apollo spaceships, to the factories where dozens of women sewed spacesuits, parachutes, and even computer hardware by hand, Fishman captures the exceptional feats of these ordinary Americans. One Giant Leapis the captivating story of men and women charged with changing the world as we knew it—their leaders, their triumphs, their near disasters, all of which led to arguably the greatest success story, and the greatest adventure story, of the twentieth century.

Tuesday, July 9

AgConnect: What's in the Label?
Tuesday, July 9
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
Bayer LifeHub Boston, 610 Main Street, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/agconnect-whats-in-the-label-tickets-64305633882

Join LifeHub Boston for AgConnect, our monthly social event series where we learn, share, and plug into cutting edge topics in the field of agriculture. Whether you’re a knowledgeable industry insider, or a curious novice, AgConnect has something for you!
In July, AgConnect is exploring Nutrition and Food Choices, and asking the question, “What’s in the label?” Featuring guest speaker Kelly Bristow, a Health and Nutrition Outreach manager for Bayer Crop Science, and our Open Mic Nite, which gives you the chance to present your passion projects!


Post-Conference Networking: Sustainable Investing Solutions
Tuesday, July 9
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT
Scholars American Bistro and Cocktail Lounge, 25 School Street, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/64324626690

Please join us for post-conference drinks at Scholars. While the Sustainable Investment Solutions Conference is limited to financial advisors (if interested, register here), we are pleased to bring together the broader Boston sustainable investing community for conversation, networking and food & drink after the event.


The Impeachers:  The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation
Tuesday, July 9
7:00 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Harvard Book Store welcomes renowned, award-winning historian Brenda Wineapple—author of Hawthorne: A Life—for a discussion of her latest book, The Impeachers: The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just Nation.

About The Impeachers
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Vice-President Andrew Johnson became “the Accidental President,” it was a dangerous time in America. Congress was divided over how the Union should be reunited: when and how the secessionist South should regain full status, whether former Confederates should be punished, and when and whether black men should be given the vote. Devastated by war and resorting to violence, many white Southerners hoped to restore a pre–Civil War society, if without slavery, and the pugnacious Andrew Johnson seemed to share their goals. With the unchecked power of executive orders, Johnson ignored Congress, pardoned rebel leaders, promoted white supremacy, opposed civil rights, and called Reconstruction unnecessary. It fell to Congress to stop the American president who acted like a king.

With profound insights and making use of extensive research, Brenda Wineapple dramatically evokes this pivotal period in American history, when the country was rocked by the first-ever impeachment of a sitting American president. And she brings to vivid life the extraordinary characters who brought that impeachment forward: the willful Johnson and his retinue of advocates—including complicated men like Secretary of State William Seward—as well as the equally complicated visionaries committed to justice and equality for all, like Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, Frederick Douglass, and Ulysses S. Grant. Theirs was a last-ditch, patriotic, and Constitutional effort to render the goals of the Civil War into reality and to make the Union free, fair, and whole.


Hit Hard 
Tuesday, July 9
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hit-hard-book-launch-with-pat-tammy-and-zach-mcleod-tickets-62953136526

Discussion, Q&A and Signing Hit Hard: One Family's Journey of Letting Go of What Was--and Learning to Live Well with What Is
Life hit Pat and Tammy McLeod hard when their son Zach collapsed on a high school football field—he had sustained a severe brain injury. Two emergency brain surgeries later, Zach began waking up. Slowly the entire family woke up to the reality that life would never again be the same. The fallout of his injury would reshape their marriage, their family, their future and their faith in ways they never saw coming. What would it take for them to navigate the endless fallout of their son’s life-transforming injury? How could they reconcile their grief over the life Zach lost, with gratitude for the life that remained? And how does a couple move forward together in their search for hope, rather than letting indefinable loss drive them apart? Hit Hard is the true story of the McLeods’ journey through ambiguous loss—both having and not having their son. It’s the story of a family who faced unexpected heartbreak, a story that offers us all glimpses of how we can pick up the pieces, redefine expectations, and find hope in the midst of unresolved pain.

#HitHard #NetGalley
About the Authors: Pat and Tammy McLeod serve as Harvard Chaplains for Cru, an interdenominational Christian ministry. Tammy is also the Director of College Ministry at Park Street Church in Boston. She received her MA in Spiritual Formation from Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary. Pat holds an MA in Theological Studies from the International School of Theology, and an MA in Science and Religion and a PhD in Practical Theology from Boston University. Pat and Tammy have been married for more than three decades and are parents to four grown children.

Wednesday, July 10 – Thursday, July 11

LONGEVITY - 20th Annual Harvard Nutrition and Obesity Symposium
Wednesday, July 10, 7:00 AM – Thursday, July 11, 12:00 PM EDT
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/longevity-20th-annual-harvard-nutrition-and-obesity-symposium-registration-59109485061

This July, the NORCH is proud to present:
LONGEVITY & Aging: Nutritional and Metabolic Mechanisms
We look forward to welcoming you to this free event, which gathers clinicians and investigators from across the nation to discuss a variety of topics including:
Caloric Restriction or Intermittent Fasting to Increase Longevity [Day 1 - Session I]
Mechanisms and Therapeutics for Longevity [Day 1 - Session II]
Human Models of Extremes of Lifespan [Day 2 - Session III]
Invited Speakers:
Jan Vijg Ph.D.,
Rozalyn Anderson Ph.D.,
Roman Kondratov Ph.D.,
Mark Mattson, Ph.D.,
Susan Erdman D.V.M. M.P.H.,
William Mair Ph.D.,
Vamsi Mootha M.D.,
Alex Soukas M.D. Ph.D.,
Raul Mostoslavsky M.D. Ph.D.,
Richard Miller M.D. Ph.D.,
Nir Barzilai M.D.,
Sebastian Brandhorst Ph.D.,
Bradley Willcox M.D.,
Jay Olshansky Ph.D.
1 ticket per person. This means that if you'd like to bring your friends and colleagues (you definitely should!), please have them EACH obtain a ticket. Thanks!
Food arrangements: there will be COFFEE & TEA provided in the mornings and at breaks and LUNCH will be provided on Day 1. Additionally, there is a cafe in the building for your convenience.
How can I contact the organizer with questions?: please email HarvardNORC at mgh.harvard.edu and we will respond to you ASAP.
Do I need to register more than once?: Please ONLY REGISTER ONCE. The 'purchase' of your free tickets serves as your registration and you are all set.
Do I need to bring a printed ticket to the event?: No, printed tickets are not necessary, lets save some paper!
Is there parking provided to attendees?: NO arranged parking for attendees will be available. There are local garage options and the venue is located very close to multiple T stops, including the Longwood Medical Area stop.
(*more FAQ on our website: http://www.norch.org/longevity-aging-nutritional-and-metabolic-mechanisms/)

Wednesday, July 10

Brown Bag Lunch: Open-Ocean Aquaculture
Wednesday, July 10
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT
CIC Boston, 50 Milk Street, 5th floor — Periscope, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/64365117800

Our next brown bag lunch will feature insights from Felipe Ramirez,business development manager at InnovaSea.
InnovaSea Systems, Inc. is dedicated to supporting and expanding open-ocean aquaculture businesses by producing innovative, environmentally-focused sustainable technologies and service solutions for the industry. Innovasea is developing a fully integrated open-ocean and on-land farming platforms. The company continues to secure design and engineering, along with biologist field operations talent in its mission to create the farm of the future. Innovasea is furthering plans for outreach to aquaculture companies by accelerating research and development, advancing support for responsible aquaculture operations in the open ocean and using fully integrated fish farming platforms.

Felipe will speak on some of the deep offshore aquaculture innovations, problems and strategies that he currently sees in this field.


Try a New Perspective
Wednesday, July 10
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM EDT
CIC Boston, 50 Milk Street, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/try-a-new-perspective-tickets-64313902614

Seeing things from another's perspective is invaluable for successful collaboration

We can't teach you to read minds, but we CAN teach you how other people's minds work. Join Alec Lai, Cognition Coach and CEO of Zephyr, to learn how to quickly understand how people think and use their perspectives to hone your own problem-solving skills.
Located on the 16th floor of CIC Boston
Learn more about us at zephyr.business


HubWeek Open Doors: Kendall Square
Wednesday, July 10
4:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT
Kendall Square, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hubweek-open-doors-kendall-square-tickets-63777684772

Open Doors, presented by BNY Mellon, is a monthly event series that allows you to experience the innovation happening in different corners of Boston. It’s an opportunity for you to learn and find inspiration in neighborhoods across this vibrant, buzzing city that can sometimes be tricky to navigate.

Kendall Square has been called the most innovative square-mile on earth. But how do you keep up with what’s going on? Enter: July Open Doors, presented by BNY Mellon.

We’re cracking open Kendall Square with an afternoon of programming that uncovers everything you ever wanted to know about Kendall — and nanotechnology, and women in STEM, and CRISPR, and molecular gastronomy — but were afraid to ask. Learn about the groundbreaking science that will shape the future that’s happening right now in our backyard and walk away with bite-sized nuggets of knowledge you can bring back to your daily life and conversations.

Whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon of science, hoping for an onramp to innovation, or wanting to connect with your neighboring pioneer, you’ll leave with solid takeaways to help you pursue (or spark) your passion — whether you come to work in Kendall every day, or will be visiting for the first time.
Feel free to join us for the full afternoon of programming or drop-in for one session.

The session details:
An Afternoon at The Broad Institute | 4:00 - 6:00 PM
415 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142
Summer School Lightening Presentations
Broad Auditorium
Get a peek behind the curtain at the innovative, cutting-edge science being pursued in Kendall Square. Researchers, professors, and trailblazers will show and share their groundbreaking work to give you a clear understanding of these sometimes complex topics and their potential to shape our future. Featuring:
Designing with Biology, Kit McDonnell of Ginkgo Bioworks. What is synthetic biology and isn't that an oxymoron? Kit will share research from the self-proclaimed "organism company" on how one manufactures organisms and engineers biology.
Breaking Down the Divide Between Science and the Public, Fatima Husain, MIT Museum & Geobiology & Astrobiology researcher at Summons Lab, MIT. How do we even begin to understand all these new developments and innovations? Fatima will talk about getting a leg up on understanding science and research and her journey as a researcher and writer.
Derfogail Delcassian, Bioengineer & Biohacker, Founder, BioHack Cancer, MIT, Nottingham University, Harvard Medical School
Toyoko Orimoto, Assistant Professor of Physics, Northeastern University
Katherina Thomas, Journalist, Writer, Global Health reseracher, Sabeti Lab, Broad Institute of Harvard & MIT
Rachel Soo Hoo Smith, MIT
Speed Mentoring
DNAtrium at Broad
Speed Mentoring is back! During one-on-one lightning chats, get answers to your burning questions about working in biology, tech, chemistry and more, from top researchers and entrepreneurs in the Kendall Square community. Mentors to be announced. Space is limited. We will be in touch with registrants to schedule individual mentorship slots.
DNAtrium at Broad
Take a break and hangout in the DNAtrium where you can check out vintage lab machines and tools, a phylogenetic mobile, breakout sessions with local innovators and more. Check out who's new in town from vegan helado artisans, Baravena, to artists and more. More info to come!

Tour MIT.nano | 5:00 - 6:00 PM
All tours start at The Broad Institute, 415 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142
Tour this fascinating new space on MIT's campus — named 2019 Lab of the Year — where scientists study the teeny tiny in pursuit of big discoveries. Learn how MIT is encouraging nano research and what this revolutionary new knowledge means for everything from drug delivery to cloud computing to gaming technology. Tours will be led by MIT.nano Director, Vladimir Bulović and MIT.nano Communications Director, Tom Gearty. 
Tours leave at 5:00 PM from the hub. Space is limited — max 40 people

Eat, Drink, & Get Connected at the Koch: A Meet-Up | 6:00 - 7:30 PM
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, 500 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142
Hosted by MIT Open Space Programming, join us for networking, drinks, and snacks in the Koch Institute’s beautiful public galleries. Meet new people, reconnect with friends and colleagues, and keep the art, science, and technology conversations going.


Farming for Justice Discussion Group
Wednesday, July 10
RSVP at https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/b0WAq4khOBVyV0aA9q0hyw

Featuring Cornell Student Marquan Jones, Developmental Sociology, ’20, discussing food insecurity in the educational establishment, who will be joined by Kathleen Pasetty, owner of Manndible Cafe. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of institutional education, and hopefully this month’s discussion group will bring light to the injustice within certain food systems, and also discuss potential solutions or ways to offset this prevalent issue.

More information at https://groundswellcenter.org/events/farming-for-justice-july-discussion-group-food-insecurity-in-educational-institutions/


The Substance of Soil
WHEN  Wednesday, July 10, 6 – 8 p.m.
WHERE  Arnold Arboretum, Hunnewell Building, 125 Arborway, Jamaica Plain
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Classes/Workshops, Environmental Sciences, Sustainability
SPEAKER(S)  Conor Guidarelli, Arboretum Horticulturist, Arnold Arboretum
COST  $30
TICKET WEB LINK  https://my.arboretum.harvard.edu/Info.aspx?DayPlanner=1917&DayPlannerDate=7/10/2019
adulted at arnarb.harvard.edu

Soil is the basis of survival. Without soil, humans and most other living beings could not exist. Conor Guidarelli, who has dug deep into the soils of the Arnold Arboretum will present an overview of soil, from its formation and components to its properties. He will discuss ways to analyze soil quality and health to determine whether or not amendments are needed based on the soil outcome/use desired. Participants are encouraged to bring a pint glass jar with about a cup of soil in it to class.

Register at my.arboretum.harvard.edu or call 617-384-5277.
LINK  https://my.arboretum.harvard.edu/Info.aspx?DayPlanner=1917&DayPlannerDate=7/10/2019

Thursday, July 11

EBC Energy Conference: Briefing by the New England State Energy Leaders
Thursday, July 11
Registration: 8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Program: 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Headquarters, One Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough
RSVP at https://ebcne.org/event/ebc-energy-conference-briefing-by-the-new-england-state-energy-leaders/

Please join us at a first-of-its kind Environmental Business Council (EBC) conference that will bring together the energy leaders from each of the six New England states. This EBC program will highlight each state’s energy plan, program priorities and implementation strategies. They will also describe the various ways the states are working together on regional energy issues.

Topics include:
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy including Wind, Solar, Hydro, Biomass
Energy Storage
Electric Vehicles
Clean Energy Jobs
Emerging Technologies

Also participating is ISO New England, the organization that is authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to perform three critical, complex, interconnected roles – grid operation, market administration, and power system planning for the region.

A robust panel discussion between the speakers and the attendees will conclude the program.

General Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (3.5 training contact hours). Please select this option during registration if you wish to receive a certificate.

Conference Chair & Moderator:
Catherine Finneran, Director of Environmental Affairs, Eversource Energy
New England State Energy Leaders:
Dan Burgess, Director, Governor’s Energy Office, State of Maine
Joseph Doiron, Deputy Director & State Energy Program Administrator, Office of Strategic Initiatives, State of New Hampshire
Carol Grant, Commissioner, Office of Energy Resources, State of Rhode Island
Eric Johnson, Director, External Affairs, ISO New England
Judith Judson, Commissioner, Department of Energy Resources, Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Anne Margolis, Renewable Energy Development Manager, Planning & Energy Resources Division, Public Service Department, State of Vermont
Mary Sotos, Deputy Commissioner for Energy, CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), State of Connecticut


EnergyBar Off-Grid Edition: Startup Solutions for the Clean Energy Future
Thursday, July 11
5:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
Greentown Labs, 444 Somerville Avenue, Somerville
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/energybar-off-grid-edition-startup-solutions-for-the-clean-energy-future-tickets-61697654345

Calling all cleantech, climate action, water and environmental entrepreneurs, investors, and partners: join us on July 11 to hear from many members of the Greentown Labs community developing off-grid solutions for the clean energy future. 
During the event you'll hear from:
Eden GeoTech – Developing waterless reservoir stimulation techniques (electrical fracking) to replace hydraulic fracking in the future.
OffGridBox – Providing affordable clean water and renewable energy in remote areas.
Pecos Wind Power – Pecos Wind Power is developing a low cost community-scale wind turbine that uses an innovative tilt-up installation system to eliminate the cost of a crane and make distributed wind power cost competitive with solar.
SparkCharge – Charge your electric vehicle whenever & wherever with SparkCharge's portable, ultrafast charging unit.
Gridspan Energy – Gridspan Energy is pioneering mobile energy storage to enable affordable, reliable, resilient, and sustainable island electricity systems.
Medley Thermal - Working to bring both energy and cost efficiency to the world of industrial process heating in steam-based systems.
Blue Sky Energy - Blue Sky makes uber-advance MPPT charge controllers for off-grid solar applications.
Please join us for the evening to learn more about these clean energy companies and network with the founders and team members. See you there! 
All registered attendees will have the opportunity to win a free prize at the end of the evening including Greentown Labs swag. Drop your business card upon your arrival to be entered! Must be present to win.
Event Program:
5:30 – 6:15pm – Registration & Reception
6:15 – 7:30pm – Startup Pitches 
7:30 – 8:30pm – Closing Remarks & Networking


Chasing the Moon: A Public Conversation with Robert Stone and Alan Andres
Thursday, July 11
Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston Street, Boston

JFK issued the historic moon landing challenge. These are the stories of the visionaries who helped America complete his vision with the first lunar landing fifty years ago.

A Companion Book to the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE® Film on PBS®

Going in depth to explore their stories beyond the PBS series, writer/producer Robert Stone—called “one of our most important documentary filmmakers” by Entertainment Weekly—brings these important figures to brilliant life.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy proposed the nation spend twenty billion dollars to land a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. Based on eyewitness accounts and newly discovered archival material, Chasing the Moon reveals for the first time the unknown stories of the fascinating individuals whose imaginative work across several decades culminated in America’s momentous achievement. More than a story of engineers and astronauts, the moon landing—now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary—grew out of the dreams of science fiction writers, filmmakers, military geniuses, and rule-breaking scientists. They include

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, whose writing inspired some of the key players in the Moon race. A scientific paper he wrote in his twenties led to the U.S. beating Russia in one area of space: communications satellites.
Wernher von Braun, the former Nazi military genius who oversaw Hitler's rocket weapons program. After working on ballistic missiles for the U.S. Army, he was recruited by NASA to manage the creation of the Saturn V moon rocket.  
Astronaut Frank Borman, commander of the first mission to circumnavigate the Moon, whose powerful testimony before Congress in 1967 decisively saved the U.S. lunar program from being cancelled.
Poppy Northcutt, a young mathematician who was the first woman to work in Mission Control. Her media exposure as a unique presence in this all-male world allowed her the freedom to stand up for equal rights for women and minorities.
Edward Dwight, an African American astronaut candidate, recruited at the urging of the Kennedy White House to further the administration’s civil rights agenda—but not everyone welcomed his inclusion.

Setting these key players in the political, social, and cultural climate of the time, and including captivating photographs throughout, Chasing the Moon focuses on the science and the history, but most important, the extraordinary individuals behind what was undoubtedly the greatest human achievement of the twentieth century.


Boston Climate Action Network - Action Team Meeting
Thursday, July 11
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
First Baptist Church, 633 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain 
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-climate-action-network-action-team-meeting-tickets-54297386946

We're working towards fighting climate change through improved energy policy and education at the local level in Boston. The BCAN Action Team meeting is a great way to get directly involved in the effort to combat climate change in the era of Trump. We gather twice per month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 6:00-8pm at First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain.

Come meet the Communications Team, the Arts Team, and other dedicated climate campaigners to learn how you can help us plan outreach for the Community Choice Energy campaign.


CoSI Dinner Discussion: How should the scientific community engage with political campaigns to fight against climate change?
Thursday, July 11
6:30pm to 8:00pm
MIT, Sidney-Pacific Graduate Residence, Seminar Room 70 Pacific Street, Cambridge
RSVP required: https://tinyurl.com/CoSI-Climate

Science has been playing a key role in the battle against climate change. However, the scientific endeavors will soon need support from political activism. Michael Bloomberg, in his commencement speech, talked about climate change and politics stating that climate change is now first and foremost a political problem. In light of this, we host a dinner event to discuss how scientific community can engage with political campaigns in this regard. 


Ways of Hearing
Thursday July 11
7:00 pm
Brookline Booksmith, 279 Harvard Street, Brookline

Damon Krukowski
Our voices carry farther than ever before, thanks to digital media. But how are they being heard? Damon Krukowski examines how the switch from analog to digital audio is changing our perceptions of time, space, love, money, and power.

Damon Krukowski is a writer and musician. Author of The New Analog: Listening and Reconnecting in a Digital World, he has taught writing and sound (and writing about sound) at Harvard University. He was in the indie rock band Galaxie 500 and is currently one half of the folk-rock duo Damon & Naomi. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Friday, July 12

Friday, July 12 (and every Friday throughout the summer) 
4:45 - 6:00 pm
Alewife Train Station
More information at https://www.facebook.com/events/437329133495381/

Greta Thunberg has given me renewed hope that humanity will be moved to action one of these years, and slow the rapid extinction of all living things, a pace which we, as humans, have set in motion and continue to accelerate at our own peril.

I would like to encourage the young and older to join in Greta’s #FridaysforFuture #SchoolStrike4Climate action, here, in the Boston burbs.

I propose that we gather every Friday at rush hour, in solidarity with students around the world, and #Strike4ClimateAction in front of Alewife Station.  In order to maximize participation, I wish to know if students and others would prefer to protest in the morning or the afternoon.  I propose that we assemble all summer from 4:45 - 6:00 pm, unless there is a Global or National Climate Strike event scheduled.

Participants can access the venue via the Minuteman bike path, the MBTA Red Line and bus routes. I hope that people come from school and work, from Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Lexingon, Belmont…. I hope that striking students organize bicycle brigades, pedestrian parades, attention-grabbing art, motivating music, chants for change.  I hope that “the grown-ups” take notice, and amplify the message. Words are not enough. The warnings have not been heeded. Global Economic policy priorities must change, now. We are fighting for our future, now. This is an escalating emergency right now, and every day that goes by without action is another lost opportunity to reverse course and steer our destructive ways towards stewardship.

I hope to see you this coming Friday.
No ghGas 4 Mass


Meet Mason Funk author of "The Book Of Pride"
Friday, July 12
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meet-mason-funk-author-of-the-book-of-pride-tickets-63120670625

Discussion & Signing THE BOOK OF PRIDE
Meet the leaders and activists on the front lines of the LGBTQ movement, from the 1960's to the present, through stunning interviews and compelling black and white photographs compiled and presented by OUTWORDS. The 75 individuals featured in THE BOOK OF PRIDE - including marriage pioneer Evan Wolfson, trans icon Miss Major Griffin - Gracy, Stonewall - era rabblerouser Mark Segal and legendary anti - DADT activist Grethe Cammermeyer - fought battles frequently under the threat of violence and persecution. By capturing these accounts, we honor an important chapter in American history and ensure that the story of the LGBTQ community is safeguarded for generations to come. The brave and determined activists celebrated in THE BOOK OF PRIDE inspire each of us to resist all forms of oppression with ferocity, and to do so with great pride.

About the Author:  Mason Funk was born in Los Angeles in 1958, graduated from Stanford University, and lived in Tacoma, Washington, Portland, Maine and Lisbon, Portugal before returning to Los Angeles and beginning his career as an award-winning writer/producer of non-fiction television programs and documentary films. His TV and film projects have covered topics ranging from Mother Teresa to the history of secret White House recordings to the long-term effects of concussions in professional football to an American teenager's quest to keep her undocumented Guatemalan mother from being deported. He has received two Emmy nominations for his work in television. In 2016, Mason launched OUTWORDS to capture the timeless, inspiring stories of LGBTQ pioneers and elders. An avid distance runner, choral singer and chef, Mason lives with his husband Jay Edwards and their French bulldog Henri in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.


Boston Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Detention Camps
Friday, July 12
7 PM
Suffolk County House of Corrections, 20 Bradston Street, Boston
RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/2399385257006613/

On Friday July 12th, 2019, Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps (www.lightsforliberty.org), will bring thousands of Americans to detention camps across the country, into the streets and into their own front yards, to protest the inhumane conditions faced by refugees.

If you live in the Boston area, join us outside the ICE Detention Center (on the campus of the Suffolk County House of Corrections, 20 Bradston Street, Boston, though we'll be going to the Detention Center's separate entrance)  - or even in front of your own home - to hold a candle and share a moment of silence. 

This is a completely volunteer-led effort. Invite your friends, and bring your own candle. Together we will light up the world (and social media - #lights4liberty #dontlookaway #endusconcentrationcamps) to demand an end to these concentration camps.

RSVP at https://actionnetwork.org/events/boston-lights-for-liberty

To volunteer, email BostonLightsForLiberty at gmail.com

Saturday, July 13

ArtBeat Festival
Saturday, July 13
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM EDT
Davis Square, 1 Davis Square, Somerville
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/64335001722

Enjoy many performers, craft and food vendors, activities, and more! The theme is "Consumption," especially in relation to the environment!

The city's largest cultural festival with over 15 bands, including Cliff Notez, Barrence Whitfield, El Huateque, Ruta Beggars, and Mike Gent. Plus, a dance showcase, a parade, 80 craft vendors, kids activities, food, a poetry banquet--and considerably more culture and revelry! 

This year at the festival we're exploring how we all consume -- especially how this affects the planet. We'll have a slew of "consumed" installations and activities, including a giant baby virus installation and a Consumed Data Lab. It's B.Y.O.W.B; that means bring your own water bottle and fill up at the Quench Buggy! 
Join us Saturday, July 13th (rain date July 14th), 11:00AM - 10:00 PM

More information at http://somervilleartscouncil.org/artbeat/2019

Monday, July 15

Boston New Technology Mobile Apps & Tech Startup Showcase #BNT103
Monday, July 15
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT
Hult International Business School, 1 Education Street, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-new-technology-mobile-apps-tech-startup-showcase-bnt103-tickets-62436181299
Cost:  $15 – $99

See innovative and exciting local Mobile Apps & Technology demos, presented by startup founders

Network with attendees from the Boston-area startup/tech community
Get your free headshot photo (non-intrusively watermarked) from The Boston Headshot!
Enjoy pizza, beverages and more

Each company presents an overview and demonstration of their product within 5 minutes and discusses questions with the audience.


On Nazis, Art, and the Question of Forgiveness: Two Novelists Confront the Legacies of Their Families with Rachel Kadish and Jessica Shattuck
WHEN  Monday, July 15, 2019, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
WHERE  Harvard, Barker Center, Thompson Room, 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Education, Ethics, Humanities, Lecture, Poetry/Prose, Special Events
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Harvard Summer School Writing Program and the Harvard Extension School Master's Degree Program in Creative Writing and Literature
SPEAKER(S)  Rachel Kadish and Jessica Shattuck
COST  Free and open to the public
DETAILS  Two authors discuss their common link to World War II: Kadish's grandparents were Polish Holocaust survivors and Shattuck's were members of the Nazi party.


American Exceptionalism and American Innocence:  A Peoples' History of Fake News—From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror
Monday, July 15
7:00 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Harvard Book Store welcomes Professor of Political and Social Ethics at Hope International University, ROBERTO SIRVENT, and activist, journalist, and scholar DANNY HAIPHONG for a discussion of their new book, American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A Peoples' History of Fake News—From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror.

About American Exceptionalism and American Innocence
Did the U.S. really “save the world” in World War II? Should black athletes stop protesting and show more gratitude for what America has done for them? Are wars fought to spread freedom and democracy? Or is this all fake news?
American Exceptionalism and American Innocence examines the stories we’re told that lead us to think that the U.S. is a force for good in the world, regardless of slavery, the genocide of indigenous people, and more than a century’s worth of imperialist war that the U.S. has wrought on the planet.

Sirvent and Haiphong detail just what Captain America’s shield tells us about the pretensions of U.S. foreign policy, how Angelina Jolie and Bill Gates engage in humanitarian imperialism, and why the Broadway musical Hamilton is a monument to white supremacy.


JP Solar Happy Hour, July 2019
Monday, July 15
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
Canary Square, 435 South Huntington Avenue, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jp-solar-happy-hour-july-2019-tickets-63951129550

July happening of JP Solar Happy Hour. Come join friends and colleagues over a drink at Canary Square.

Tuesday, July 16

EBC Climate Change Program: Preventing Toxic Exposures During Climate Events Severe Weather & Emergency Preparedness for Facilities
Tuesday, July 16
Registration: 7:30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Program: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Nixon Peabody LLP, 53 State Street, Boston
RSVP at https://ebcne.org/event/ebc-climate-change-program-preventing-toxic-exposures-during-climate-events/
Cost:  $50 - $185

This EBC Climate program will provide EBC member companies and others with an opportunity to learn about ongoing planning tools and resources for containing chemicals and wastes during, and the movement of these materials after, major storms.

From the Nor’easter, to the harsher ‘Bomb Cyclone’ or ‘Bombogenesis’ superstorms of 2018, companies require tools and information to develop plans that keep themselves and their surrounding communities safe. In addition, by limiting and understanding the risks, a company can limit its liability and be better prepared to respond to its needs following a major storm event.

During this program, presenters will describe the risks that emerge with climate change and the various preparedness tools available to help companies plan for a major storm event. Audience members will hear perspectives from regulators, insurers, floodplain specialists, public health practitioners and industry experts on the importance of planning for a major storm event in the age of climate change.

General Continuing Education Certificates are awarded by the EBC for this program (3.5 training contact hours). Please select this option during registration if you wish to receive a certificate.

Program Co-Chairs:
Will Campbell, Senior Project Manager, Tetra Tech
Tiffany Skogstrom, MPH, Outreach & Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance (OTA)

Nicholas Child, Chief Emergency Planning & Preparedness Officer, MassDEP
Shannon Jarbeau, Floodplain Specialist & CRS Coordinator, Barnstable County/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension & Woods Hole Sea Grant
Janet Persechino, Technical Manager, Chemical Process Safety Engineering Planning and Management (EPM), Inc.
Rick Reibstein, JD., Professor, Department of Earth & Environment, Boston University

Following the Speaker Presentations will be a Panel Discussion moderated by Will Campbell of Tetra Tech.


Building a JUST Future: The Living Future JUST Program with Goody Clancy
Tuesday, July 16
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (EDT)
Goody Clancy HQ, 2nd Floor, 420 Boylston Street, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-a-just-future-the-living-future-just-program-with-goody-clancy-tickets-62941439540
Cost;  $37.79	

JUST is a disclosure tool in which organizations evaluate themselves through the lens of social justice and equity. To date, a handful of Boston firms have been through the evaluation process and disclosed their impressive results. Join the Chapter and the New England Living Future Collaborative as we celebrate the fantastic accomplishments of all of these firms who participate in the JUST evaluation - Goody Clancy, Next Phase, Bruner/Cott, and Integrated Eco Strategies - and hear tales of the process from each firm, in addition to updates on where JUST will next lead us.

Learning Objectives
Get introduced to the JUST evaluation for equitable organizations.
Understand what it takes for a design firm to go through the certification process.
Get insight into what the JUST evaluation means for a firm and what lessons are learned.
Learn about how the JUST program is changing and growing.


Climate Ready Downtown & North End: Presentation & Open House #2
Tuesday, July 16
6pm - 8pm
BSA Space, 290 Congress Street, Fort Point Room, Boston
RSVP at http://www.greenovateboston.org/crb_downtown_openhouse2

Join our second community event to learn more about the Climate Ready Downtown & North End project. You'll give your feedback to the design team on the proposed resilience strategies. 

Climate Ready Boston is the Mayor’s ongoing initiative to help the City grow and prosper in the face of climate change. Protecting the Downtown waterfront from sea level rise and coastal flooding is a priority. Through Climate Ready Downtown and North End, we will better understand current and future flood risk in Downtown Boston, and develop strategies to protect the neighborhood.

The event will have a presentation at 6:00 pm. We recommend you plan to attend the presentation and spend about 30 minutes afterwards for the open house.


Ben Franklin Circles: Moderation
Tuesday, July 16
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
Impact Hub Boston, 50 Milk Street, 15th Floor, "Socrates” Room, Boston
RSVP as https://www.eventbrite.com/e/64620199757

Ben Franklin Circles meet monthly to discuss one of Franklin's classic virtues and how they relate to our own experiences, goals and perspectives on life, and how they apply to the world today. We end the evenings with setting individual commitments: what we each want to work on around the discussed virtue until the following meeting for self-improvement. See the list of 13 virtues below. So far we have discussed Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, and Sincerity.
Ben Franklin’s 13 Core Virtues: 
Moderation - 7/16

Join us at our upcoming discussion on July 15th focused on Moderation,which Franklin explained as: “Avoid extremes; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.”

Here is a little more exploration of the topic: “Choosing extreme positions or acting toward others in extreme ways often ends up with negative consequences for you without any real benefit. Avoid taking positions or behaving in ways that bring harm towards others unless you intentionally are bringing harm, in which case be careful in the amount of harm you bring.” - The Simple Dollar


The Purpose Path: A Guide to Pursuing Your Authentic Life's Work with Professor Nicholas Pearce
Tuesday, July 16
6:30 PM (EDT)
MIT, Building 34-104, 50 Vassar Street, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-purpose-path-a-guide-to-pursuing-your-authentic-lifes-work-with-professor-nicholas-pearce-registration-63462324521

Many of the world's most successful companies―Apple, Disney, Google―are not simply profit-driven, but purpose-driven. They let the reason for which they were created drive what they do every day. But what about us - how do we define our purpose, the why behind the work we do? How can we find the inspiration to pursue more than just a paycheck and ultimately fulfill our authentic life's work?

In The Purpose Path, award-winning management expert Nicholas Pearce invites readers to courageously embark upon the journey of aligning their daily work with their life's work. This one-of-its-kind guidebook is for anyone--at any level, age, or professional stage--seeking to have more than just a job or career, but a meaningful calling. 

Readers will go on a journey of self-discovery that's organized around five key questions:
What is success? Who am I? Why am I here? Am I running the right race? Am I running the race well?

Drawing upon his years of experience as a global executive adviser, business school professor, and pastor, Pearce shows how people in a variety of fields have asked and answered these five questions as they launch, grow, or even completely change their careers. Inspiring, thought-provoking, and practical, The Purpose Path is an essential read for anyone longing to connect their soul with their role.


Darkness in Distress
WHEN  Tuesday, July 16, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
WHERE  Arnold Arboretum, Weld Hill Research Building, 1300 Centre Street, Roslindale
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Environmental Sciences, Lecture, Science, Special Events, Sustainability
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Hosted by the Arnold Arboretum and co-sponsored by Greening Rozzie, Boston City Counselor Michelle Wu, and The Boston Food Forest Coalition.
SPEAKER(S)  Kelly Beatty, Science Journalist
COST  Free, registration requested
TICKET WEB LINK  https://my.arboretum.harvard.edu/Info.aspx?DayPlanner=2054&DayPlannerDate=7/16/2019
CONTACT INFO  adulted at arnarb.harvard.edu
DETAILS  Light pollution, simply put, is any unnecessary or excessive outdoor illumination. Sadly, it’s become a pervasive and ugly consequence of modern 24/7 society. Light pollution robs us of the night sky’s beauty, negatively affects the ecosystem, and creates an in-your-face waste of energy. But a new mindset and new technology are poised to slow — and perhaps reverse — this bane of modern life.
Kelly Beatty has been explaining the science and wonder of astronomy to the public since 1974. An award-winning writer and communicator, he specializes in planetary science and space exploration as Senior Editor for Cambridge-based Sky & Telescope magazine. Beatty enjoys sharing his passion for astronomy with a wide spectrum of audiences, from children to professional astronomers, and you'll occasionally hear his interviews and guest commentaries on National Public Radio and The Weather Channel. He served for a decade on the Board of Directors for the International Dark-Sky Association.
LINK  https://my.arboretum.harvard.edu/Info.aspx?DayPlanner=2054&DayPlannerDate=7/16/2019

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, July 17

Boston Sustainability Breakfast
Wednesday, July 17
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM EDT
Pret a Manger, 101 Arch Street, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boston-sustainability-breakfast-tickets-50422438872

Join us every month for Net Impact Boston's informal breakfast meetup of sustainability professionals for networking, discussion, and moral support. It's important to remind ourselves that we are not the only ones out there in the business world trying to do good! Feel free to drop by Pret a Manger any time between 7:30 and 8:30 AM.


Mass Innovation Nights 124
Wednesday, July 17
Formlabs, 22 McGrath Highway, Suite 201, Somerville
RSVP at https://mass.innovationnights.com/node/add/rsvp

So excited to be at Formlabs, for the first time ever! SOLIDWORKS & Dassault Systemes are sponsoring Mass Innovation Nights #124. We have a great lineup with over ten cool, new products! Join us on WEDNESDAY,  July 17th at 6pm for #MIN124 --  an evening of innovation in Somerville!	


50th Anniversary Celebration of Apollo 11 Moon Landing
WHEN  Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
WHERE  Harvard Club of Boston, 374 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Education, Lecture, Science, Special Events
SPEAKER(S)  Captain Dr. John D. Kelly, Exploration Ground Systems, NASA
COST  Complimentary with registration
CONTACT INFO	Matt Hegarty  mghegarty at post.harvard.edu
DETAILS  Is there really more computing technology in our mobile phone than was available to NASA for the trip to the moon? How did we get from zero to the moon in nine years? And what does the future of space exploration look like? If you were over the age of 10 in 1969, you remember where you were on the 20th of July of that year. If not, you’ve seen the video footage.
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the 60th anniversary of NASA, Program Executive for Exploration Ground Systems at NASA, Career Space Professional, Innovator, and Naval Officer and Captain Dr. John D. Kelly has generously agreed to offer an illustrated talk on this momentous achievement.
LINK	www.harvardclub.com


Sea People: The History Behind Disney's Moana
WHEN  Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
WHERE  Harvard, Barker Center, Thompson Room, 12 Quincy Street, Cambridge
GAZETTE CLASSIFICATION	Education, Humanities, Lecture, Poetry/Prose, Social Sciences, Special Events
ORGANIZATION/SPONSOR	Harvard Summer School Writing Program and the Harvard Extension School Master's Degree in Creative Writing and Literature
SPEAKER(S)  Christina Thompson
COST  Free and open to the public
DETAILS  Author Christina Thompson will read excerpts from her new book, "Sea People," and discuss the fascinating history and great navigational accomplishments of the people of Polynesia.
LINK	sites.fas.harvard.edu…

Thursday, July 18

The Future of Retail Community Event
Thursday, July 18
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Ned Devine's, 1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-future-of-retail-community-event-tickets-62619816557

Join leading experts in the future of retail, consumer goods, technology, design, and startup investment for this inaugural conversation in Boston's historic Faneuil Hall!

Attendees will be provided the opportunity to connect to innovators, identify emerging technologies, share insights, and discover next-practices focused on enhancing the retail experience.

It’s all part of the Retail Tomorrow city immersion! Retail Tomorrow will bring leading retail executives from across the nation to Boston July 16-19 to experience our leading retail and consumer packaged goods ecosystem, as well as the innovative technologies that are changing the retail landscape in the ‘Smart City.’

The Community Event on July 18th will feature industry leaders and speakers including:
Janelle Nanos, Reporter at The Boston Globe
James McCann, Investor, Speaker, Author, and ex-CEO of Ahold USA
Rick Roche, CEO of Roche Brothers Supermarkets
Stephen Smith, CEO of L.L. Bean
Danielle Duplin, Co-Founder of AGENCY
Tom Furphy, Investor and ex-Amazon Executive
and startup presentations from Lighter Culture, Shower Pill, NERV, Alert Innovation, Flash Food, and more!

Following the Community Event, be among the first to experience Revolution Retail, our pop up retail experience in Fanuiel Hall, that will showcase the most innovative products and retail technologies transforming the future of food!


Reducing the Environmental Impact of Concrete Through Performance-based Specifications
Thursday, July 18
Contact cshub at mit.edu

This webinar will provide a general overview of performance-based specifications. A review of the state of prescription in a sampling of project specifications will be first discussed. An approach to implement performance-based specifications consistent with ACI Codes and specifications will be outlined. 

The attendee learning objectives are:
Understand how performance-based specifications can help lower GHG emissions and improve sustainability in concrete.
Recognize the synergy between performance-based specifications and quality, cost, and performance.
Evolve design office specifications to reduce prescription with alternative performance-based requirements.

The webinar will be presented jointly by Colin Lobo, Ph.D., P.E., executive vice president of engineering at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, and Karthik Obla, Ph.D., P.E., vice president, technical services, also at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

The MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub) webinar series offers information of general interest to members of the building, paving, and construction communities, as well as to educators, students, journalists, and law and policy-makers interested in the environmental and economic impacts of decision-making concerning infrastructure. Videos of past webinars are archived to the CSHub YouTube Channel.

Webinars are free and open to the public. Presentations are geared toward a lay audience.


Food Forest
Thursday, July 18
3 PM – 8 PM
Mass Audubon Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill Street, Mattapan
RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/264347174399381/

Mark your calendars for Third Thursdays! Come and enjoy good company and good food with your fellow permaculture enthusiasts at the Third Thursday Boston Food Forest Potlucks!

Third Thursdays will be held all season on May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19, and October 17. We welcome to come to both the Workday and the Potluck, or either if you can attend one!
The Workdays are from 3-6. We meet at the Gazebo to start, but come any time and find us in the food forest!
The Potlucks are from 6-8. Bring a dish or drink of your own choice, and your own tableware (we will set up a dishwashing station). We will be at the Gazebo next to the Community Gardens.

On most Thursdays we will be joined by Ben Crouch, tree expert, permaculture teacher, and proprietor of Land of Plenty LLC, to walk us through the plans for our work. Ben is amazingly knowledgeable and so the workdays will also be a great learning experience for all.

Come learn about how to take care of a food forest, help us build our flagship site, meet like-minded folks, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
Last year, we planted scores of new fruit and nut trees, and started building polycultures around them. This year, we are going to add new plants, but we will also be improving soil, pruning, maintaining plant health, and removing some of the competing invasive plants.

Friday, July 19

Explaining the Human Visual Brain: Workshop and Challenge
Friday, July 19
9:00am to 6:00pm
Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Room 123, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge

The Algonauts Project brings together neuroscientists and computer scientists on a common platform to advance both fields. The first day of our workshop on the human visual brain will feature tutorials on modeling human and computer vision. The second day will feature posters and talks by neuroscientists and computer scientists.

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21

Sunrise Boston - July 2019 Orientation Training 
RSVP at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdfqLwqfoFQOxnW5fr48lP7NdlKv8mWLS6mfGpmpaoqOfgQCA/viewform

Welcome! We are so excited to have you be part of our upcoming Sunrise Boston in-person orientation training! 

Training Overview:
For Sunrise Boston's Training on Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st, 2019. More logistics info below. 
The training will be capped at 30 PARTICIPANTS SO REGISTER ASAP!! Registration does not guarantee a spot but we will try our best to take in everyone!

If you can't make it to this training or the training is full, there will also be future training opportunities, including another orientation training in August or September. You can also do Sunrise 101 online (https://www.sunrisemovement.org/trainings).

Saturday July 20

Second Annual Jamaica Plain Garden Tour
Saturday July 20
9 to 2
Jamaica Plain
RSVP at http://www.thetrustees.org/things-to-do/metro-boston/event-46168.html
Cost:  $20 to $30

Features lush, expansive private gardens in the Pondside neighborhood, many with beautiful stonework and unique specimen plants. Starts at JP Licks, 659 Centre Street. 


Extinction Rebellion General Meeting
Saturday, July 20
10 a.m.
RSVP at https://xrmass.org/action/meeting-7-19/


Gardening Workshop with Green City Growers
Saturday July 20
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Central Library Lawn, Somerville Library, 79 Highland Avenue, Somerville

Interested in starting a garden? Already have one, but want to take it to the next level? The Somerville Public Library and Green City Growers have partnered to offer a fun organic gardening workshop on three Saturdays this season. A Green City Growers farmer will lead the hands-on workshop during which you'll learn when and what to plant, how to maintain, fertilize, and harvest successful crops. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to get your hands dirty!
This workshop will meet at the raised beds on the east side of the Central Library lawn.

Food for Thought is a community gardening and cooking initiative, thanks in large part to a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant. All programs are free and open to the public.

For more information contact Meg at mragland at minlib.net or (617)523-5000 x2961.


Moon Shots
Saturday, July 20
6:30pm to 9:30pm
MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at http://moon-shots.eventbrite.com
Cost:  $17

Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the moon continues into the night with a 21+ over-the-moon event. Special guests, special spirits, and special activities are planned including lightning talks and hands-on activities, all while enjoying custom cocktails by Short Path Distillery.

At 7:00 p.m. Mike Stewart, Marc Verdiell, Ken Shirriff, Carl Claunch and Jimmie Loocke of the Apollo Guidance Computer Restoration Team will be on hand to show off the successful restoration and operation of an Apollo Guidance Computer. Unless you are an Apollo astronaut or part of the team that worked on the AGC and its software, this is the first time ever, to see this computer in action. 

We look forward to seeing you for lift-off. 

Sunday, July 21

XR NVDA Training
Sunday, July 21
MIT, Cambridge
RSVP at https://xrmass.org/action/nvda-training-july-2019/

Learn how to take part in XR actions at this NVDA training series! You will be empowered to engage in non-violent civil disobedience and have the opportunity to form an affinity group, which is your creative team and support system for Extinction Rebellion actions. Bring friends who you would like to form an affinity group with, or make one with fellow rebels that you meet while you're here!

We recommend that you attend an XR orientation meeting before you attend our NVDA training. You can find the next orientation on our calendar.

Schedule: training goes from noon-6pm

Preparation for Civil Disobedience. Honoring the movements we stand on. Building community for action.

This training session will provide engagement on non-violence and the dynamics of civil disobedience, offer scenarios and practical information for taking collective action, and look at movement messages that convey powerful impact. Time to connect, get energized, and deepen readiness for being and acting together.

Trainer Cathy Hoffman has been involved in activism over many decades - most recently with the two-year-long fight to stop the West Roxbury Pipeline and civil disobedience actions for the local Poor Peoples Campaign.

Contact mcusi at pm.me with questions.

This event is free. We will collect donations for our trainer.

Tuesday, July 23

Oceans Event at EDF Boston
Thursday, June 27
EDF’s Boston Office, 18 Tremont Street, Suite 850, Boston
RSVP to Alysa Perez at aperez at edf.org

You are cordially invited to an event at EDF’s Boston office to learn more about our amazing and vast Oceans work. Come hear how we work not only with New England fisheries but in fisheries all over the globe. Marine Scientist, Jake Kritzer, will be the speaker and he is not to be missed!
Please RSVP to this email so that you may be added to our guest list. You are welcome and encouraged to bring a friend that you think would be interested in this topic. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries
Tuesday, July 23
7:00 PM
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Harvard Book Store welcomes acclaimed physicist and biotech engineer SAFI BAHCALL for a discussion of his debut book, Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries.

About Loonshots
What do James Bond and Lipitor have in common? What can we learn about human nature and world history from a glass of water?

In Loonshots, physicist and entrepreneur Safi Bahcall reveals a surprising new way of thinking about the mysteries of group behavior that challenges everything we thought we knew about nurturing radical breakthroughs.

Drawing on the science of phase transitions, Bahcall shows why teams, companies, or any group with a mission will suddenly change from embracing wild new ideas to rigidly rejecting them, just as flowing water will suddenly change into brittle ice. Loonshots identifies the small shifts in structure that control this transition, the same way that temperature controls the change from water to ice.

Using examples that range from the spread of fires in forests to the hunt for terrorists online, and stories of thieves and geniuses and kings, Bahcall shows how this new kind of science helps us understand the behavior of companies and the fate of empires. Loonshots distills these insights into lessons for creatives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries everywhere.

Over the past decade, researchers have been applying the tools and techniques of phase transitions to understand how birds flock, fish swim, brains work, people vote, criminals behave, ideas spread, diseases erupt, and ecosystems collapse. If twentieth-century science was shaped by the search for fundamental laws, like quantum mechanics and gravity, the twenty-first will be shaped by this new kind of science. Loonshots is the first to apply these tools to help all of us unlock our potential to create and nurture the crazy ideas that change the world.


State of the Heart
Tuesday, July 23
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
The Harvard and MIT Cooperative Society, 1400 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meet-dr-haider-warraich-tickets-63129718688

Discussion, Q&A & Signing - State of the Heart
In STATE OF THE HEART, Dr. Haider Warraich takes readers inside the ER, inside doctor’s offices and recovery rooms, and inside the history and technology of heart disease with his signature blend of lucid writing and compelling narrative. Heart disease has been around for a while, but the type of heart disease people have, why they have it, and how it’s treated is changing. Yet, the golden age of heart science is only just beginning, and with treatments of heart disease altering the very definitions of human life and death, there is no better time to look at the present and future of heart disease, the doctors and nurses who treat it, the patients and caregivers who live with it, and the stories they hold close to their chests.

About the Author:  DR. HAIDER WARRAICH is currently a fellow in cardiology at Duke University Medical Center. His medical and Op Ed pieces have appeared in many media outlets including the New York Times, The Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, Slate, and the LA Times among others. He is also the author of Modern Death.


Solar bills on Beacon Hill: The Climate Minute Podcast


"Hugs For the Planet" in support of the Green New Deal -- will take place late June or early July -- depending on when I can raise the money. I may be able to cover a small shortfall myself but, like many people, I struggle to cover my own needs for the most part.

I'm looking at a Saturday or Sunday, 1pm, one hour.

Our idea is to position ourselves at the Park Street T exit on Boston Common and give out free "Hugs for the Planet." The goal is to raise awareness of the climate change crisis and garner support for the Green New Deal -- the only blueprint to date that offers a comprehensive plan that reflects the urgency needed to, literally, save the planet for our kids and grandkids.

There is no party or group affiliation. I am a career journalist/writer/editor/activist of some standing, working independently, to contribute to building a critical mass of support for the Green New Deal.

I plan to hire (probably six) promotional/event models to give out free hugs and hand out leaflets with some basic info, a call to action, and Congressional phone numbers on them.

OUR SECONDARY GOAL IS TO GET SOME MEDIA COVERAGE. (I have worked in the media, as well as in the capacity of Press Officer and Communications Director.) I will also contact the mayor's office.

You can support Hugs for the Planet at https://www.gofundme.com/quothugs-for-the-planetquot-for-the-green-new-deal


Envision Cambridge citywide plan


Climate Resilience Workbook


Where is the best yogurt on the planet made? Somerville, of course!
Join the Somerville Yogurt Making Cooperative and get a weekly quart of the most thick, creamy, rich and tart yogurt in the world. Members share the responsibility for making yogurt in our kitchen located just outside of Davis Sq. in FirstChurch.  No previous yogurt making experience is necessary.

For more information checkout.


Sustainable Business Network Local Green Guide
SBN is excited to announce the soft launch of its new Local Green Guide, Massachusetts' premier Green Business Directory!
To view the directory please visit: http://www.localgreenguide.org
To find out how how your business can be listed on the website or for sponsorship opportunities please contact Adritha at adritha at sbnboston.org


Boston Food System
"The Boston Food System [listserv] provides a forum to post announcements of events, employment opportunities, internships, programs, lectures, and other activities as well as related articles or other publications of a non-commercial nature covering the area's food system - food, nutrition, farming, education, etc. - that take place or focus on or around Greater Boston (broadly delineated)."
The Boston area is one of the most active nationwide in terms of food system activities - projects, services, and events connected to food, farming, nutrition - and often connected to education, public health, environment, arts, social services and other arenas.   Hundreds of organizations and enterprises cover our area, but what is going on week-to-week is not always well publicized.
Hence, the new Boston Food System listserv, as the place to let everyone know about these activities.  Specifically:
Use of the BFS list will begin soon, once we get a decent base of subscribers.  Clarification of what is appropriate to announce and other posting guidelines will be provided as well.
It's easy to subscribe right now at https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/subscribe/bfs


The Boston Network for International Development (BNID) maintains a website (BNID.org) that serves as a clearing-house for information on organizations, events, and jobs related to international development in the Boston area. BNID has played an important auxiliary role in fostering international development activities in the Boston area, as witnessed by the expanding content of the site and a significant growth in the number of users.
The website contains:
A calendar of Boston area events and volunteer opportunities related to International Development - http://www.bnid.org/events
A jobs board that includes both internships and full time positions related to International Development that is updated daily - http://www.bnid.org/jobs
A directory and descriptions of more than 250 Boston-area organizations - http://www.bnid.org/organizations
Also, please sign up for our weekly newsletter (we promise only one email per week) to get the most up-to-date information on new job and internship opportunities -www.bnid.org/sign-up
The website is completely free for students and our goal is to help connect students who are interested in international development with many of the worthwhile organizations in the area.
Please feel free to email our organization at info at bnid.org if you have any questions!


Boston Maker Spaces - 41 (up from 27 in 2016) and counting:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zGHnt9r2pQx8.kfw9evrHsKjA&hl=en
Solidarity Network Economy:  https://ussolidarityeconomy.wordpress.com
Bostonsmart.com's Guide to Boston:  http://www.bostonsmarts.com/BostonGuide/


Links to events at over 50 colleges and universities at Hubevents:  http://hubevents.blogspot.com

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