[act-ma] 9/26 Who were the Knights of Labor? (Thursday)

Bill Bumpus wbumpus62 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 3 09:32:16 PDT 2019

/Who were the.../


*Knights of Labor*/?/


/Join us to learn what they did and how we can benefit from their ideas 
and activities in today's working world!/

*Thursday, September 26 – 7:00 p.m.*

*Somerville Public Library*

*79 Highland Avenue, Somerville*

/The Knights of Labor, founded in 1869, was once the mainstream of 
organized labor in the U.S. By 1886 it had between 700,000 and a million 
members and engaged in significant acts of class struggle./

/The Knights proclaimed a vision of a cooperative society and proposed 
to create bonds of solidarity embracing all workers regardless of race, 
sex, nationality, religion, occupation, or skill level./

/Largely written out of history the Knights have much to teach us about 
class-wide solidarity and alternatives to exploitative capitalism./

Sponsored by the*Boston Labor Solidarity Committee*


labor donated


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