[act-ma] 9/20 This Friday could be the largest day of climate action in history

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Sep 18 15:05:44 PDT 2019

This Friday could be the largest day of climate action in history. See 
you there!
Join a #ClimateStrike on Friday — and activities around the Week of 
Action — to show what people power can do.

In just two days, hundreds of thousands — likely millions — of people 
around the world will strike for the climate. We hope you’ll be joining 
this massive, historic action.
Join the #ClimateStrike this Friday by signing up for an event in your 
area — and spread the word far and wide.
Globally, over 5,000 actions have been registered across 139 countries, 
with over 1,000 of them here in the United States. The #ClimateStrike 
movement has aligned around bold and inspirational demands, with clear 
calls to phase out extraction with a just and equitable transition to 
100% renewable energy for all, respect Indigenous land and sovereignty, 
prioritize environmental justice, protect biodiversity, and invest in 
regenerative and sustainable agriculture.
Bring along your friends, family, and colleagues with you and be a part 
of this amazing moment. The climate strike is on track to be the largest 
day of climate action in the history of the planet, and we hope you have 
a plan to join in-person or online.
In addition to joining the strikes, here are some more ways you can get 
     Share the news about the #ClimateStrike on Facebook, Twitter, and 
by email.
     Follow along with climate strike actions on social media and share 
using the hashtags #StrikeWithUs and #ClimateStrike. You can even update 
your Facebook profile picture using the #StrikeWithUs frame.
Together we’re demanding urgent, transformative action to address the 
climate crisis, and we’re raising our voices to usher in a new era of 
just, bold, and equitable climate action. And this week’s #ClimateStrike 
actions are just the beginning — we’ll be following up with a powerful 
#ClimateStrike Week of Action featuring targeted actions against fossil 
fuel infrastructure and much more.
One more time: Sign up to join a #ClimateStrike event in your area!

See you in the streets,
Collin Rees
Senior Campaigner
Oil Change U.S.


"September 20 US Youth Climate Strike Coalition Demands 
US Youth Climate Strike Coalition, 09-2019

"Greta Thunberg is leading kids and adults from 150 countries in a 
massive Friday climate strike 
/Vox/, 09-17-2019

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