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Healing the World in 18 Months (truly possible, if . . .)
Sunday, January 5
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
1 Fayette Park, Cambridge
RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/Biodiversity-for-a-Livable-Climate/events/267175248/

We have all the physical technologies we need to heal the earth – right now. Poly-canopy farming, holistic management, and permaculture techniques can begin to bring back a healthy trajectory and harmony between humans and ‘nature’ in 18 months. The same principles apply to human development and social systems too. Living systems thinking applies to all of life.

So, what’s slowing us down? How can we shift our organization and business practices to effectively engage, motivate, and learn what’s required for meaningful and rapid change?

Bill Reed will introduce the foundational living system processes that are the basis for the practice of Regenerative Development and Design. These have been proven to invite massive change, alignment between human-to-human and human-to-nature relationships.

It is not so difficult, but it IS a different way of working - compared to the fragmented processes used in our development, government, design and construction world.

Bill Reed is an internationally recognized practitioner, lecturer, and leading authority in sustainability and regenerative planning, design and implementation.

Bill is a principal in Integrative Design, Inc. and Regenesis Group (https://regenesisgroup.com/) – organizations working to lift green building and community planning into full integration and evolution with living systems. His work centers on creating and implementing a whole and living-systems design process. The benefits of this process include higher efficiency, lower costs, reduced waste, faster time to market, and the realization of exponential value to the social, ecological, financial and human qualities of a project, the community and its ecosystem.

Bill is an author of many technical articles and has contributed to many books including co-author of the seminal work, “Integrative Design Guide to Green Building.” He is a founding Board of Director of the US Green Building Council and one of the co-founders of the LEED Green Building Rating System. In addition to being considered one of the leading thinkers in this field, Bill has also consulted on over two hundred green design commissions, the majority of which are LEED Gold and Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects. He is also a keynote speaker at major building and design events as well as a guest lecturer to universities throughout Europe and North America including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and UPenn.


• What to bring

An item of food or drink to share, tending to the healthy and organic.

• Important to know

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate is a small non-profit so a $10 donation is requested.

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