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Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Thu Mar 19 18:34:26 PDT 2020

What does an event announcement list do when events are not happening 
because of the current situation?

We hope to facilitate a discussion about how to organize events virtually.

Today I heard the podcast of the Personal Computer Show.  Very early in the
show there is a extended review of about a dozen conference calling

The Personal Computer Show was on WBAI/Pacifica in NYC for many years.
The hosts have grown older and a little more inflexible but I think they
did a decent job of listing and reviewing the competing systems.  The
one thing I wished they would have explored better is the hidden costs
to privacy of free programs.

There are a number of reviews on line from commercial websites.  The PC radio show had the advantage of growing up on non-commercial radio and being less tainted by commercial interests.

One of the ones they spoke favorably about towards the end is

I have had some experience as a participant with Zoom but not an organizer.  I've done much more with Free Conference call.  I am going to organize a meeting with Zoom to try that for
Sunday.  It's only an initial assessment not a final decision.
Zoom allows both computer/webcam participation or just phone call in.

Another issue in the back of my mind is that there will be heavy demand
for these services which might effect the quality.

The link to the show is


A commercial review from PC-Magazine is linked below as point of comparison

This is intended to kick off a discussion.  If anyone has experience with these systems  or has reviews to recommend you might put in your 2
cents to move this discussion along.

Charlie Welch
for Act-MA

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