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Lift the Sanctions Now - Stop Coronavirus
Lee Schlenker

Our presenter will be Lee Schlenker is regional organizer with Witness 
for Peace New England, based in Boston. Schlenker, a graduate in Latin 
American Urban Studies from Middlebury College, is a dynamic and 
bilingual researcher, community organizer and solidarity worker with 
experience living and working in the United States, Cuba and Mexico. 
Currently based in Boston as a regional organizer with Witness for Peace 
New England, he is a strong believer in worker-owned cooperatives, 
participatory community planning, international solidarity movements, 
and the ongoing construction of an urban commons. Lee is a former Cuba 
International Team Member with Witness for Peace, having facilitated and 
coordinated 25+ people-to-people solidarity delegations to Cuba in 
partnership with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Center in Havana.

Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 7 PM – 8 PM

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You'll receive the access codes by email. The event will also be 
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Third of four webinars on the impact of US sanctions on four nations' 
coronavirus response.
Sponsored by  coalition of organizations lead by Mass Peace Action (MAPA)

Supplemental Information from IFCO (Pastors for Peace) news

Cuba, Coronavirus and U.S. sanctions against Venezuela
IFCO's CubaBuzz: Issue 190
Cuba reports a total of 15 patients recovered from Covid-19
Prensa Latina, Road Town, April 3, 2020- Cuba today has a total of 15 
people recovered from Covid-19 disease, after the hospital discharge of 
two new patients in the last 24 hours was reported.

Dr. Francisco Durán, director of Epidemiology of the Cuban Ministry of 
Public Health explained that these are two Russian patients who were 
admitted to the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine and received 
a medical discharge yesterday.

In Cuba, medical students provide door-to-door virus care
Radio France Internationale (RFI), April 2, 2020- Student doctors in 
Cuba are trudging from house to house trying to identify cases of the 
coronavirus pandemic to stop it from spreading in the Caribbean island 

"How many people live here? Have you been in contact with foreigners? Do 
you know the health rules to follow?" they ask.

Some 28,000 students repeat the same questions dozens of times a day, 
all across the country.

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Congressional Black Caucus asked to promote emergency legislation for 
access to Cuban drug

Radio Havana Cuba, Washington, April 1- The American people would 
benefit today from Cuba's experience in the battle against COVID-19 if 
the blockade were lifted, say New York activists in a letter to the 
Congressional Black Caucus.

At a time when the numbers of infected and dead in the country -which 
has become a global epicenter of the pandemic- are soaring, Dr. Rosemari 
Mealy and lawyer Joan Gibbs are calling for the promotion of emergency 
legislation for access to proven Cuban medicines such as Recombinant 
Human Interferon Alpha 2B, used with good results in China.

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In related news: "US people would receive aid from Cuba if the blockade 
were lifted" (Read here)
British Virgin Islands requests Cuba's medial aid to fight Covid-19

Prensa Latina, Road Town, March 30, 2020- The Government of the British 
Virgin Islands (BVI) requested the medical aid of 30 Cuban health 
professionals so as to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, local press media 
reported today.

As reported by the Daily News newspaper, Prime Minister Andrew Fahie 
announced the request for Cuban doctors through the Ministry of Health 
and the Secretariat for International Affairs, through the talks with 
the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States and the Cuban government as 

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US Blockade Prevents Medical Supplies From Reaching Cuba
Telesur, April 1, 2020- Cuba was unable to receive a plane with medical 
supplies and aid from China on March 31 because of the U.S. blockade. 
The resources were sent by the Chinese entrepreneur and philanthropist 
Jack Ma.

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In related news: "Blockades in Time of Pandemic" (Read here)
Cuban president condemns US attitude against dignity of Venezuela

Prensa Latina, April 2, 2020- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on 
Thursday rejected the US interventionist attitude when that northern 
country tries to impose changes in Venezuela.

'Extreme brazenness against Venezuela's dignity,' the Cuban president 
posted on his Twitter account on Thursday where he shared a comment 
published in Granma newspaper regarding the White House's new strategy 
towards the South American nation.

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In related news: "US calls on Maduro and Guaidó to stand down in 
Venezuela transition plan" (Read here)
Cuba's embassy in U.S. honors Covid-19 victims
Prensa Latina, Washington- The Cuban flag of this country´s embassy in 
the United States flies at half-mast in honor of those individuals who 
have died from Covid-19 pandemic, the Cuban embassy reported Wednesday.

'Our embassy, Cuban flag will fly at half-staff in honor of all people 
who have died in #Cuba, #United States and worldwide, in this combat 
against #Covid-19 pandemic that unites us all,' according to the 
official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the embassy.

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Political Bureau approves suspension of May Day parade and postponement 
of ANAP Congress
Granma, April 1, 2020- The First Secretary of the Communist Party of 
Cuba Central Committee, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, presided a meeting 
of the Political Bureau yesterday, during which the decision was made to 
cancel May Day parades, and postpone the National Association of Small 
Farmers (ANAP) Congress.

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Cuban radio and television to broadcast programming for Easter
OnCuba, April 2, 2020- Several local radio stations and the Educational 
Channel of Cuban television will feature a special programming for 
Easter with Catholic masses, radio addresses by bishops and audiovisuals 
on religious subjects, the magazine Palabra Nueva reported.

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