[act-ma] Today @ 5:00! Zoom into BPS, No ICE in Boston Public Schools

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Wed Apr 15 12:19:47 PDT 2020

Today @ 5:00! Zoom into BPS, No ICE in Boston Public Schools We are 
forwarding an uregent email from the Student Immigrant Movement: 

  No ICE in Our Public Schools!

Friends: we rarely send emails twice in a week, let alone, a day. But 
this is urgent: today at 5:00 the Boston Public Schools are meeting 
ONLINE, via ZOOM, to discuss a policy proposal from the Student 
Immigrant Movement 
(SIM), one that keep students safe in schools, and President Trump's 
Immigration and Customs Enforcement out of Boston Public Schools. We are 
forwarding below the original email we received from SIM. It has all the 
information you need to visit BPS online at 5:00 today!

      Today is a really important day for our #NoICEinBPS campaign
      We need you to show-up and speak-out! Boston Public Schools will
      be introducing a policy to the school committee at 5p.m. today,
      <https://encuentro5.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=53fe7b10944568ab8724330ae&id=9e099530d6&e=75009887af> in
      response to our policy proposal!


*Here's what we need you to do!*

 1. *Absence is Consent: *By *5 p.m. today* join the zoom for the school
    committee meeting! *Click here for info!
 2. *Speak-Out:* During the meeting use our toolkit to interact with BPS
    and let them know you support our policy proposal, not theirs! *See
    toolkit here!
 3. *Speak-Loud: *Submit public testimony before 4:30p.m. today! We can
    help you if you'd like! *Click here to submit.

It's clear that after 2 years of questioning BPS about their practices, 
and months of collaboration, they have begun attempting to move forward 
without us--the community. 
<https://encuentro5.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=53fe7b10944568ab8724330ae&id=0bdfab531e&e=75009887af> They’ve 
attempted to create faux community support for their inadequate policy 
putting other stakeholders in direct juxtaposition with our policy. BPS 
continues to refuse taking a strong stance against the BPD on their 
jurisdiction of school disciplinary matters. Our policy consists of four 
main pillars:


        *Clear Criteria: *Define clear guidelines for what qualifies as
        a legitimate use of an incident report. Records of routine
        school disciplinary matters should NOT end up in the hands of an
        ICE agent.


        *Transparency and Communication:* Inform students and families
        BEFORE their information is shared with the BPD.


        *Oversight: *Require oversight at the school, district, and
        community level.


        *Accountability and Training:* Train all Boston School Police
        and school administrators on these new protocols.

BPS has only incorporated training into their policy proposal.

There's still time to *join the 1,933 people* in support of our policy, 
if you haven't already done so at bit.ly/noiceinbps 


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