[act-ma] 4/19 NATIONAL PEOPLE'S COVID RESPONSE-Sunday @730 pm CT-

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Sat Apr 18 05:34:01 PDT 2020

Ehrman, Howard <hehrman at uic.edu>

Zoom invitation below

Please share reports of what is happening in your area, what organizing 
efforts are going on and tell us about victories

US daily cases are still at 30,000, not yet trending down, and deaths 
are the highest ever this week topping 6,000 April 15

Yet the president and governors are getting ready to re-open the economy

No Governor has used anything close to their existing emergency legal 
public health powers to help humanity

Instead only to help the neoliberal economy

All they do is issue “guidance” after guidance and leave it to the 
corporations and each hospital to decide whether to implement it or not

Instead more and more corporations and the police, who serve them are 
harassing, stopping, arresting and killing Black & Brown workers & 
residents all over Amerika

While covid19 kills 6-12 X more African Americans than whites

By the time you read this email more than 35,000 of our Sisters & 
Brothers in the US and 150,000 worldwide will have died

Build a National Network Now for People’s Response for covid19 & beyond

We must take action

The states, counties and cities are not using their emergency powers to 
enforce rules of basic public health that would save thousands from 
being infected and dying
They only send “suggested guidance” not legal mandates
They are not protecting workers or customers or patients like they should

Businesses decide for themselves if they are essential not the state
liquor stores essential
Are video game shops essential

They are not placing health workers inside and outside every open store, 
warehouse, health facility to enforce these rules even though they have 
thousands of retired health workers and heath students who are available

This includes

the health departments screening all workers before they enter work and 
sending all home who have symptoms with full pay that does not come out 
of their vacation/sick pay if they have it

Requiring all open businesses, hospitals to have the maximum PPE 
available, including all workers wearing masks, gloves, barriers, 
cleaning to protect both workers and customers/patients

Not have each individual business and hospital decide for itself what it 
will do which endangers all of us and is not slowing down transmission 
as much as it could if the health department was in charge

How many additional health workers have been hired by any health 
department to take on the pandemic after having lost 100,000 public 
health workers in the US since 1980?

How many volunteers are being used to do any of the above?

Zoom meeting.

Sunday, April 19, 2020 @ 8:30 PM Eastern Time

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Howard Ehrman, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor
University of Illinois College of Medicine
Mi Villita Community Organization

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