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Community Church of Boston <info at communitychurchofboston.org> writes

*Pole Dancing for Jesus*is a mixed media stage play/musical about the 
coming 2020 United States presidential election.

J LO (Jennifer Lopez) uses her fame and talent to orchestrate the 
election process combining religion and hip-hop to influence the major 

Receiving a call from her friend, Holy Mary, Mother of God about the 
current GUN EPIDEMIC in the U.S., J LO, with the backing of Michael 
Bloomberg, secures Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida as the venue for 
the Democratic National Convention where Elizabeth Warren is nominated 
as the democratic candidate for president. J LO and Holy Mary kick off 
the Convention with a pole dance for Jesus to capture delegates from the 
Bible Belt.

At the Great Pres. Debate on Election Eve Warren answers debate 
questions on Gun Control with parables, causing Trump to walk off the 
podium. Names and faces of gun manufacturing CEO’s appear on a giant 
digital screen next to the school victims who were gunned down from 
Columbine to Parkland.

Warren and Bernie Sanders her running mate, drop out of the race.

J LO and MARY then pressure God into running for Pres. He descends from 
Heaven into the Hard Rock Stadium instantly uniting all religions. 
Election Votes pour in, projected from the giant screen. God builds up a 
huge electoral lead. Trump in a dual rapid fire action appoints Alan 
Dershowitz to the Supreme Court, then when things look really desperate 
announces that Dershowitz will be his running mate for Vice Pres.

The world goes crazy reacting to this schizophrenic news; a freak storm 
floods Galilee where it never rains. A tornado tears into Kansas and a 
little girl sings, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” the Statue of Liberty 
falls into NY Harbor. God calmly conducts a Mass to break the tension.

A gunman races across the 50 yard line. Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman 
attempts to announce the election winner, but is cut off by hip-hop 
music, strobe lights and fireworks signaling a new pole dance by J LO, 
her Angel daughter, Emme Maribel, Shakira and 100 hip-hop dancers to the 
hit song “Powerful.”

/*David Rothauser *is a filmmaker, writer. teacher, and actor./

*Pole Dancing for Jesus by David Rothauser
COPYRIGHT © 2020 BY David Rothauser*

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