[act-ma] Rally against US sanctions Saturday

Susan McLucas susanbmcl at gmail.com
Tue May 26 13:17:45 PDT 2020

Rally against US sanctions

Join us for a masked and socially distant rally against US sanctions,
Saturday, May 30, 1pm-2pm, at the Fresh Pond shopping center parking lot in
Cambridge (on your right, going out from the traffic circle).   Another
recent peace rally at Fresh Pond brought over 30 supporters. There was much
support for sign holders both from travelers and shoppers.

SancionsKill.org has set this week, May 25-31, as an International Week of
Action against US Sanctions.  This Cambridge rally will be one of many
around the country this week.

The United States has economic sanctions on 39 countries, even in this time
of the global pandemic.  We are especially concerned about the shortages
and suffering in Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Yemen.  It
is estimated that 40,000 Venezuelans have died because of the sanctions,
and that is an old number, so it must have grown.  People in all the
sanctioned countries are dying needlessly because of not getting the food
and medicine they need.

While some countries, like Cuba, are trying to see what they can do to save
people from this deadly disease, the US seems to be using the pandemic as a
weapon to further weaken governments it hopes will fall.  So many people
suffer and die, when the US puts pressure on a government through economic

We will have signs, but if you can bring your own, we’ll have more.
Suggested slogans:

Sanctions kill!  Sanctions violate international law! Sanctions are a tool
of regime change! Sanctions kill in Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Cuba…,
Sanctions are an act of war!  Lift the sanctions and let people live!  US,
Let go of CITGO!  1/3 of humanity is under US sanctions!  39 countries are
under US sanctions!

This rally is sponsored by the Committee for Peace and Human Rights.  If
your group would like to co-sponsor, let us know.  Contact Susan McLucas,
SusanBMcL at gmail.com, 617-501-9125.

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