[act-ma] 5/29 STOP the Pandemic of Police Brutality- Friday @ 5 PM

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Thu May 28 19:37:48 PDT 2020

*5:00pm Friday, 5/29***
> *Mass Action Against Police Brutality writes *
> *Terrence Coleman*
> *(Peters Park)*
> *1277 Washington St, Boston, Massachusetts 02118*
> <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/notonemore?__eep__=6>#ICantBreathe 
> <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/icantbreathe?__eep__=6>#JailKillerCops 
> <https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/jailkillercops?__eep__=6> Justice 
> for George Floyd Justice for Ahmaud Arbery Justice for Breonna Taylor 
> **
> *Sponsored by: Mass Action Against Police Brutality*
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> *For info:*
> https://www.facebook.com/events/868560033624665/** ***WE WILL BE 
> HEARD***Justice for Ahmaud Arbery! Justice for George Floyd! Justice 
> for Breonna Taylor! End the cover-ups! Prosecute the prosecutors! 
> Reopen the cases! Fire the police department! Jail all killer cops! 
> Justice for all! While all attention has been focused on the crisis 
> wrought by COVID-19, we are unable to avoid the pandemic of racism and 
> police brutality in the US. On Monday, May 25, in full view of many 
> bystanders, Minneapolis police rendered non resisting man George Floyd 
> unconscious and inflicted fatal damage to his neck. Video of the 
> incident has sparked outrage and since 4 Minneapolis police officers 
> have been fired. So far none of these officers have faced criminal 
> charges. The jarring video of Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery being hunted 
> and killed by three white men, William “Roddie” Bryan, retired cop 
> Gregory McMichaels and his son Travis McMichaels, in Glenn County, GA 
> on February 23, 2020 has added fresh wounds to a sore that has 
> festered for centuries and stains the very fabric of the country. The 
> audacious vigilante racist violence and the cozy relationship between 
> the killers, the police department and the district attorney's office 
> are unforgivable offenses to society. The unceasing effort of the 
> Arbery family to seek justice in this case and growing questions in 
> the community prompted Alan Tucker, a defense lawyer and friend of the 
> killers, to release the now-viral video to a local radio station 
> (WJXT4) on May 5. He allegedly assumed this move would be in the best 
> interest of his friend, but instead it revealed to the world the 
> warped perspective of the killers and their cronies. Within two days, 
> on May 7, in response to public outcry, the Georgia state government 
> intervened to arrest two of this vigilante group, Gregory and Travis 
> McMichaels, on charges of murder and aggravated assault without 
> parole. The third member of the illegal pursuit of Arbery, William 
> “Roddie” Bryan, who shot the video, was also arrested and charged with 
> murder two weeks later on May 21. These arrests happened two and a 
> half months after the murder despite the fact that while holding the 
> same video evidence all along, police made no arrests, two DA's 
> recused themselves of the case, one publicly stated no charges were 
> merited. The acting DA, Tom Durden, was preparing to wait until June 
> 12 because of COVID-19 emergency restrictions closing courts in the 
> state of Georgia -- almost four months after the murder -- to empanel 
> a grand jury to simply investigate the incident. This murder and cover 
> up of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery exposes the deeply entrenched and 
> pervasive corruption of the police department and judicial system that 
> is a mortal threat to the democratic rights of the people. Every 
> person of authority who had a hand in the cover up should be 
> prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Police officers who 
> neglected to arrest should be stripped of their badges and fired. DA's 
> who refused to file charges should be investigated, and if found 
> guilty must be disbarred and criminally charged. Cases they have 
> worked on should be reviewed and reopened. Racism and police brutality 
> is a pandemic in the US that cannot be denied as the case of Arbery is 
> not an aberration but one of many instances of racism, murder, and 
> police brutality. As of Memorial Day, at least 377 people have been 
> killed by the police in 2020. Few cases receive media attention and 
> the necessary scrutiny of the public. In the last two months for 
> example in Louisville, KY an EMT worker Breonna Taylor was killed in 
> her home by a botched police raid, in Indianapolis, IN three people 
> were killed by police in less than 24 hours, including Dreasjon Reed 
> who was killed while streaming live on Facebook, in Houston, TX a 
> gospel singer, Adrien Medearis, was killed by police at a traffic 
> stop. A growing movement of families from coast to coast from cases 
> years past like Mike Brown, Jr of Ferguson, MO to Terrance Coleman, 
> Burrell Ramsey-White, and Usaamah Rahim in Boston, MA ALL CONTINUE TO 
> experienced too many times in the past, charges, though rare, are 
> merely a step in the process. All of these super predators should be 
> convicted for their crimes. Massive public and political pressure 
> should be waged to see this through to the end.

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