[act-ma] 7/23 Race Relations in Revolutionary Cuba: A Personal Story with Dr Gloria Caballero

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*Race Relations in Revolutionary Cuba: A Personal Story*

*July 23 @ 7:30 pm** - 9:00 pm*

What happened to George Floyd simply does not happen in Cuba.

In a recent article 
<https://www.resumen-english.org/2020/06/why-there-are-no-george-floyds-in-cuba/> the 
distinguished scholar August H. Nimtz pointed out that “ If the murder 
of George Floyd has its origins in the institution of racial slavery, as 
some would argue, then we should expect to see similar outcomes in Cuba. 
It existed there almost a century before being planted in what would 
become the United States. And it outlived America’s “peculiar 
institution” by two decades. But what happened to George Floyd simply 
does not happen in Cuba.”

Why? What has been done in Cuba to uproot racism in the face of 
tremendous challenges including more than five decades of aggressive 
policies by the US including war, terrorism, and blockade? Is there no 
racism in Cuba today?

In 2000 Fidel addressed the issue of racism in a speech in Harlem in 
which he said: I am not claiming that our country is a perfect model of 
equality and justice… It was some time before we discovered that 
marginality and racial discrimination with it are not something that one 
gets rid of with a law or even with ten laws, and we have not managed to 
eliminate them completely, even in 40 years.”

Presenter: *Dr Gloria Caballero*, Ph.D., 2008, University of 
Massachusetts Amherst. Her research interests include women and gender 
studies, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, literary theory, race, 
the formation of racialized nations, the power of storytelling, film 
studies, women directors, and Afro-Cuban contemporary visual art.

Dr Gloria Caballero grew up in Cuba and lived there during the Special 
Period. In this online discussion she will address these issues from a 
personal and academic perspectives.

here to register for this event 
First in a series of online discussions on Antiracism and Peace.

Sponsors: Latin America Solidarity Coalition of WMASS * Massachusetts 
Peace Action* Traprock Center for Peace and Justic


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