[act-ma] 10/16 (Friday a.m.) The Empire Unclothed with Walden Bello & friends (11:00 a.m. Zoom)

Suren Moodliar suren at fairjobs.org
Thu Oct 15 14:42:55 PDT 2020

*Walden Bello, Mama Charlotte O'Neal, Kolya Abramsky, & Marie Cruz Soto *

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It is often said, in relation to elections taking place in the US, that
“The whole world is watching." This is perhaps never more so however than
this year, in November 2020. This is the case for many reasons, some more
obvious than others, but most attributable to or consequent on the fact
that the US is the most powerful imperial power. This time, it’s also a
function of having a person as president who has swung the country and its
politics to the extreme right and normalized a political culture of deceit,
manipulation, and abuse – and which is resonating with similar tendencies
that have arisen across the world, and especially in sub-imperial powers,
as one outcome among many, of neoliberalism.

But the US today faces challenges both from within and without, most of its
own making. The white supremacy that defines the US republic is today being
challenged from the streets and in popular culture by African Americans,
Latinx, Indigenous, other people of color, together with self-defined white
progressives and allies. Although the rebellion today recalls a previous,
near-decade-long broad challenge, the civil rights and Black movements
beginning in the 1960s, it confronts a very different state, one that is at
once enfeebled by decades of neoliberal globalization and empowered by new
surveillance and repressive capacities. Nonetheless, the authoritarian
populism of its current administration, just as that of its extreme right
global counterparts, renders it uninterested in effectively responding to
and addressing pandemics, economic dislocations, and climate breakdown. But
saying that they are ineffective or incompetent responses should not
suggest that they are unimpactful; quite the contrary, the world as a whole
is today being pulverized by the US ruling class’s neoliberal and
militarist responses to its own inadequacies.

A strategic analysis that centers the building of exchanges between
people’s movements is the core of the Movements of Movements process – of
its books, website, and web event series. The Movements of Movements
Conversations is therefore now looking to activist thinkers from across the
world and their readings of the implications of the US elections, the first
on October 16, 2020, before the elections, and the second on November 20,
2020, immediately after the elections. Our objective is to critically
discuss the nature and meanings of the US elections this year, and of their
implications for the peoples of the US, for the peoples of the world--both
colonized and free--and for life on Mother Earth. These combined web
dialogues will together chart the Movements of Movements as peoples around
the world envision and work towards new realities and liberation.

Our meeting's facilitators are Liz Mestres and Suren Moodliar.

This is the first of a two-part conversation. The second takes place on
Friday, November 20, 2020, at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

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