[act-ma] Robert D'Attilio has died

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Fri Nov 27 11:38:21 PST 2020

This post is from Chile via Sergio Reyes.

We are sorry to inform that a member of the Sacco and Vanzetti 
Commemoration Society, Robert D'Attilio has died. Bob conducted 
important research about the case and had built an impressive private 
library on the subject matter.

I got a separate confirmation from Dean Stevens.

A celebration of his life will probably be held at the Community Church 
of Boston (CCB).

A link to Bob's presentation <https://youtu.be/8J3Vb7qHwt4?t=5654> at 
the 2020  Sacco and Vanzatti commemoration at CCB Finally Placing Sacco 
and Vanzetti in the Public Memory of Boston...August 22, 2020 Full event 
Link <https://youtu.be/8J3Vb7qHwt4>

A article about Bob


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