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Just a reminder about our upcoming special event with Gerald Horne! Hope
you can join us!


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*CME SPECIAL EVENT!Saturday, December 5 | 3:00 - 4:30 PM*
*Join Gerald Horne, discussing his latest work, The Dawning of the
Apocalypse (Monthly Review Press, 2020)*

What is the history behind US settler colonialism’s exceptionally violent
culture – and of the remarkable resistance to this culture? Working back
century by century, noted historian Gerald Horne discusses his latest
research in this special CME Zoom event.  Dr. Horne has authored more than
30 books, including 'The Counter-Revolution of 1776:  Slave Resistance and
the Origins of the USA', and 'Paul Robeson:  The Artist as Revolutionary'.

Pre-order copies of *The Dawning of the Apocalypse* from the CME, and
Gerald Horne will personally sign a special bookplate that can be pasted to
the book. *Please contact us as soon as possible to place your order*:

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August 2019 saw numerous commemorations of the year 1619, when what was
said to be the first arrival of enslaved Africans occurred in North
America. Yet in the 1520s, the Spanish, from their imperial perch in Santo
Domingo, had already brought enslaved Africans to what was to become South
Carolina. The enslaved people here quickly defected to local Indigenous
populations, and compelled their captors to flee. Deploying such
illuminating research, *The Dawning of the Apocalypse* is a riveting
revision of the “creation myth” of settler colonialism and how the United
States was formed. Here, Gerald Horne argues forcefully that, in order to
understand the arrival of colonists from the British Isles in the early
seventeenth century, one must first understand the “long sixteenth
century”– from 1492 until the arrival of settlers in Virginia in 1607.

During this prolonged century, Horne contends, “whiteness” morphed into
“white supremacy,” and allowed England to co-opt not only religious
minorities but also various nationalities throughout Europe, thus forging a
muscular bloc that was needed to confront rambunctious Indigenes and
Africans. In retelling the bloodthirsty story of the invasion of the
Americas, Horne recounts how the fierce resistance by Africans and their
Indigenous allies weakened Spain and enabled London to dispatch settlers to
Virginia in 1607. These settlers laid the groundwork for the British Empire
and its revolting spawn that became the United States of America.

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