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Reminder about our event coming up this Saturday at 3PM. Hope to see you
there for another engaging discussion!


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*Saturday, December 12 | 3:00 - 4:15 PM *
*W.E.B. Du Bois’s Evolution into the Communist Party USA*
Edward Carson, CPUSA
*This event will be held on Zoom. Link is provided below.*

This presentation provides insightful analysis into Du Bois’s imagination
of world revolution. Both his Black Reconstruction and Dark Princess paint
the greatness of the Russian Revolution, and the Soviet Union during the
Comintern. Du Bois’s imagination after the Revolution shaped a vision for a
better world for Black liberation, as Du Bois juxtaposed the Russian
workers’ plight to that of oppressed Black Americans and those of the
colonized world. However, his contradictions and concerns about communism
and that of Josef Stalin denote his sense of self-ideological struggles.
Though Du Bois offered a sharp critique of the Committee for International
Labor Defense and the Communist Party USA during the Scottsboro trial in
the 1930s and during their organizing strategies in the Deep South, his
views and trajectory evolved, as his grasp of communism, both domestically
and internationally, shaped his evolution toward his eventual membership in
the Communist Party-USA.

He was energized by the larger stage of the color line and the problems
presented by imperialism, Black oppression, and the dawn of the Cold War.
Du Bois’s Black Reconstruction in America brought forth the forces that
promulgated world revolution. However, he was guilty of miscalculations in
making false parallels about the American race problem.

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