[act-ma] WEB Dubois at CCB: Digitized and on Youtube and more

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Thu Feb 25 20:34:31 PST 2021

Dean Stevens writes

Hi CCB Folks,  (A sneak preview!)

This Sunday, Feb. 28 is our annual WEB DuBois Address 
<https://www.facebook.com/events/842647059645930/>.  And it’s a 
marvelous one: Margaret Kimberley is a historian, and one of the 
founders of Black Agenda Report. The event will be introduced and 
facilitated by Rev. Irene Monroe, frequent guest on WGBH’s Jim and 
Margery Show, and host (with Rev. Emmett Price) of GBH’s uplifitng 
podcast “All Revved Up”. Music will come to us from the amazing South 
African guitarist and songwriter/activist Sharon Katz, from the ensemble 
“The Peace Train”.

In preparation, I have uploaded two recordings. WEB Dubois, speaking at 
CCB on Nov. 1, 1959, followed by a Q and A. It was on a reel to reel we 
found, digitized about 2 years ago, now loaded onto Youtube. Enjoy.

Here are the links:

DuBois: Life in Socialist Lands: China: https://youtu.be/4yV5KbAzjVY

DuBois: Q and A with Rev. Lothrop: https://youtu.be/1ao_HSShM40

We have chronologized our entire cassette collection. There a few from 
the ‘70s, and several hundred from the ‘80s to the’00s. Lots of these 
will be, over time, digitized and added to our website, to Youtube, and 
to our digital archive. It will be a slow and steady process. Here are 
some names of speakers on the cassettes: Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, 
Chomsky, Zinn, Kozol, Kunstler, and many more…what a feast!!

Spread the word about this Sunday!! Here is the Zoom link 

Love Always,  Dean

Note this is the latest entry on the CCB Youtube Channel 
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxzqBfbtvnhNKWmzpCm0lIA> along with 
many other recent talks.

A sampling of other historical talks is available at


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