[act-ma] 3/11 Our Webinar: Stop the Campaign of Terror by the Brutal Moise Regime in Haiti.

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Fri Mar 5 21:05:12 PST 2021

  Friends, Please Join us and spread the word. Thank you.

  Stop the Campaign of Terror by the Brutal Moise Regime in Haiti

    March 11 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

For centuries now, the United States has employed force to dominate 
Haiti, the first Black Republic that was established in 1804 after the 
defeat of French and Spanish colonizers. President Biden has an 
opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to democracy and Black 
self-determination by ending support for the Moïse regime and denouncing 
the current violence.

For over a month the rogue Moïse government has launched a brutal 
crackdown on all dissent resulting in home invasions, arrests, the 
firing of Supreme Court judges and a police inspector general, attacks 
on the media and the use of chemical agents and live ammunition to 
disperse protests.

Incomprehensibly, at the same time the Biden Administration has deported 
hundreds of Haitians including children back to Haiti.

Join us to learn and better understand the nature of the ongoing crisis 
in Haiti and the current dire situation in Haiti with *Dahoud Andre*, an 
organizer with the Brooklyn, New York-based Committee to Mobilize 
Against Dictatorship in Haiti.


Dr. Gloria Caballero, a Cuban-American scholar and activist who lives in 
Holyoke, Massachusetts.

to attend 

*Sponsored by the Latin America Working Group of Massachusetts Peace 
Action and the Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western Massachusetts*

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