[act-ma] 5/03 “Encore: The Red & Green of May Day” with Judith Woodruff / Music by David Rovics

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*May 2nd 2021 - 11 AM *(EST)

*“Encore: The Red & Green
of May Day”*
*with Judith Woodruff*

*Sunday, May 2nd at 11 AM:*

*“Encore: The Red & Green of May Day”*

/with/* Judith Woodruff*

May day is recognized around the world as a holiday of celebration and 
appreciation of working people. Originally it was a springtime fertility 
festival whose origins go back far into the ancient world. It is known 
for its May poles, dances, floral wreaths, fertility rites, and general 
rejoicing along with days off from work. This program will explore how 
May Day came to be the working class holiday by 1894; a remembrance of 
the Haymarket martyrs’ struggle for the eight hour day; and is now a day 
of world wide working class demonstrations with efforts to make it a 
legal American holiday, as it is in most of the countries of the world.

*• Judith Woodruff*, BA and MA in History and Education, has been an 
educator and community activist in both New York and Massachusetts.. She 
was a teacher in special projects of the NYC school system and a 
director of Early Childhood centers in Brooklyn, NY and later in 
Brookline, Ma. She was the Director of Place Runaway for teenagers and 
was a consultant tor Northeastern University for the development of a 
Boston day care center. She was also the Childcare Coordinator for the 
city of Somerville. Judith has created as well as lead many programs 
that bring artists from all disciplines together with community locally 
and internationally. Currently, Judith works with Families Creating 
Together and is currently serving on the Community Church of Boston Board.

*Music by David Rovics*

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*Sunday, May 9th at 11 AM:*

*“Storytellers for a Small Planet”*
*with Andy Davis, Judith Black and Jackson Gillman*

This talk will explore Scott's role in the birth of Academic Freedom for 
educators, his 1919 Federal Sedition trial for anti-war writings, and 
his progressive stance on economics, social justice and Black lives. 
Also covered will be how Scott & Helen integrated their 
ecologically-based homesteading and maple syrup business with their 
intellectual pursuits and social activism.

*Sunday, May 16th at 11 AM: *

*“Reinventing how we tackle Hunger"*
*with Katie Martin*

COVID has increased food insecurity and exposed systemic inequalities. 
Learn about a new book that provides inspiration and action steps for 
reinventing how we tackle hunger in the U.S. The key is shifting our 
focus from a lack of food to strategies that build empathy, equity, and 
political will.

*Music by CommUnity Voices*

*Sunday, May 23rd at 11 AM:*

*“The Sweet Chariot Music & Arts Festival”*

The Sweet Chariot Music and Arts Festival is a wild gaggle of 
songwriters, musicians, divas and divos, poets storytellers and artists 
who meet for a week each summer on an island off the Maine Coast and 
deliver three nights of inspiration to a rapt audience in the funkiest 
hall you’ve ever stepped into. They’ve been doing this for over 30 
years, and keep coming back for more, except when a virus requires an 
involuntary sabbatical. Now they’re rarin’ to go, and will give you a 
sneak preview, in celebration of one of their member’s birthday (Dean), 
and in fond memory our beloved Kathleen Dinan. Join us!

*Music by Eric Kilburn, Lisa Redfern, Dean Stevens, Ritt Henn, Beth 
Falcone, Daisy and Stan, Geoff Kaufman, Suzy Williams, John and Rachel 
Nicholas, David Dodson, Mary Kate Small*, and many more.... in other 
words way too many to fit in one service, but who even cares??

*Sunday, May 30th at 11 AM: *

*“Film: Child's Play"*
*with Michael Sheridan*

Four children in Sialkot, Pakistan, introduce us to their daily lives 
and tell us why they work stitching soccer balls. The film argues that 
to eliminate child labor, viable economic options must be created so 
that parents can afford not to have their children work. Produced for 
Save the Children Fund-UK and shown at the United Nation's International 
Conference on Child Labor and at the British Sports Apparel Industry's 
annual conference. The film helped change policy and raised 1.2 million 
dollars for Save the Children's Sialkot program.

*Sunday, June 6th at 11 AM:*

*“Exonerating Ethel”*
*with Jennifer Meeropol*
Jenn Meeropol discusses the successes and lessons learned from the 2016 
campaign to exonerate her grandmother, Ethel Rosenberg. In 1951, at the 
height of the McCarthy era, Ethel was convicted of “conspiracy to commit 
espionage” alongside her husband Julius in a trial that would come to 
symbolize "Red Scare" hysteria and the U.S.’s willingness to commit 
injustice in the name of national security. As we mark the 70th 
anniversary of the conviction, Jenn shares what comes next for the 
exonerate campaign, including the exciting possibility of a relaunch 
effort in the months to come, and why it still matters today.

*Music by CommUnity Voices*

*Sunday, June 13th at 11 AM: *

*“Centroamericanos Speak:
On Migration and Struggle"*
*with Members of the Central American News*

• Melissa Vida is a freelance journalist and filmmaker from Belgian and 
Salvadoran descent. Melissa has had her work published in The New York 
Times, Foreign Policy, World Politics Review and America Magazine and 
has been hired by the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven (KUL) to 
produce a documentary on St. Oscar Romero's legacy in El Salvador. She 
is also the founder and editor of the weekly newsletter Central American 
News, which is followed by 500+ journalists, researchers and public 
officials. She hones a bird's-eye view on Central America as a region 
and specializes in El Salvador, for which she works as a consultant for 
government institutions.

*Music by CommUnity Voices*

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