[act-ma] 5/8 Marx & the Postcolonial Age (The Saturday Bookshelf), noon (EDT)

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Fri May 7 11:52:08 PDT 2021

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On Karl Marx & the Postcolonial Age
*Saturday, May 8, 2021, 12 noon (EDT)*
Author *Ranabir Samaddar* speaks to his new book, "Karl Marx and the
Postcolonial Age." His book is a response to his own frustration with
previous conversations on the topic, notably the Vivek Chibber-Subaltern
Studies debates.  This book places Marxism in the context of the
post-colonial age. Those who study Marx often lack an understanding of
post-colonial realities. Conversely, however, those who fashion
post-colonial theory often have an inadequate understanding of Marx. Many
think that Marx is not relevant to critique postcolonial realities and his
legacy seldom reaches the post-colonial countries directly. This work will
read Marx in the contemporary post-colonial condition and elaborate on the
current dynamics of post-colonial capitalism.

*Paula Rauhala*, a PhD candidate and a part time teacher at the University
of Tampere is co-hosting this event. Her forthcoming thesis deals with
relations between East and West German readers of Capital from 1967
onwards. She is an assistant editor of Marx, Engels, and Marxisms

*Kira Moodliar*, a graduate of McGill’s School of Environment in Montreal,
is the other co-host. Currently, Kira is working with open data around
housing justice and engaging in community-driven data analytics.
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