[act-ma] 11/19 - Climate Disruptions and Dinner: How is climate change impacting our food systems?

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Mon Nov 8 10:37:53 PST 2021

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Climate Disruptions and Dinner: How is climate change impacting our food systems?
November 19 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET
RSVP at https://climateadaptationforum.org/event/climate-disruptions-and-dinner-how-is-climate-change-impacting-our-food-systems/

Food is a basic human need that is not equitably accessed across the United States and globally. As a threat multiplier, climate change will touch every aspect of the way we feed ourselves and our families, from challenges in food production, to supply chain disruptions, to exacerbating our existing food inequalities. This means our food system–from soil and seed to table–needs to become more resilient. Join us to learn more about current threats and solutions at different scales and intervention points.

In an attempt to bring in some of the Climate Adaptation Forum networking that everyone misses, this virtual event will leverage breakout room capability to provide small-room experiences with speakers and moderators.
	• Israel Meléndez Ayala, Anthropologist and Historian
	• Alicia Kennedy, Writer
	• Susan Futrell, Director of Special Projects, Red Tomato
	• Patricia (Pat) Spence, President and CEO, The Urban Farming Institute of Boston, Inc. (UFI)
	• Margaret Walsh, Ph.D., Office of Energy and Environmental Policy, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Forum Co-Chairs:
	• Gabriela Boscio Santos, Sustainability Engagement Manager, Boston University
	• Melanie Gárate, Climate Resilience Manager, Mystic River Watershed Association

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