[act-ma] Assange rally Monday

Susan McLucas susanbmcl at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 13:07:46 PST 2021

Supporters of Julian Assange will gather once again on Monday, Dec 6th, at
a new location and time! Join us 11am-12:30pm at Faneuil Hall (Samuel Adams
statue) to raise our voices in protest against Assange's continuing

While we await the decision of the judges in the appeal of the UK's January
decision not to extradite him to the US, this brave truth-teller continues
to languish in prison, unconvicted, for nothing more than exposing the
crimes of the US.

At any time, the US could bring this case to a halt by dropping the charges
and this is what the Biden administration and the Dept of Justice should
do.  Let us make sure that our government hears our voices!  Call Attorney
General Merrick Garland 202-353-1555, and write,
https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ <https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/%20>
and https://www.justice.gov/contact-us.

As this case drags out, more and more information surfaces exposing the
collusion between institutions, countries, and media to target, trap and
build a false case against Julian Assange:

1)     Collusion between intelligence agencies. The CIA and FBI colluded to
spy on Assange and illegally confiscate his official papers from the
embassy after he was dragged out of the embassy against international law.

2)    Collusion between countries to keep Assange trapped in the embassy
with the invalid ‘Swedish Case’ which was intentionally dragged out in
order to destroy Assange’s character with the help of the complicit media.

3)    And now a report exposing the media (The Guardian) for having
colluded with UC Global (security at Ecuadorian embassy which spied on
Assange at the behest of the CIA) to falsely link Assange with Russia.
After 3 years, the Guardian refuses to retract and remove from its website
the false ‘Manafort visiting Assange’ story.

The persecution and prosecution of this award-winning journalist makes it
clear that the real purpose of this prosecution is to target all of us –
the intent is to crush dissent and investigative journalism right down to
censoring video content off of individuals’ cameras that document
‘evidence’.  #WeAreAllAssange

Join us on December 6th, 11am-12:30pm to call for Mr. Assange’s immediate


Paula Iasella, AssangeBoston at gmail.com 603-654-6433
or SusanBMcL at gmail.com 617-501-9125

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