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Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
Fri Sep 3 21:53:10 PDT 2021




This past week, the United States ended military involvement and evacuations in Kabul after twenty years of a military occupation that had no solution, further destabilized Afghanistan, and left people without a path for self-determination.

Here at About Face, we are working hard to provide and uplift resources on ways folks can step up to support the Afghan people in this time of crisis. We must be doing everything we can in this moment to further demands of Afghan-led groups — the end of a U.S. military occupation does not mean the end of military operations conducted against the Afghan people.  <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/ss/c/SVVf6UGddUySPN6znLYVWnLYOE5nmZlpv1OTfbq5lqXDMYxHI_BgFC8OsvXPGOEWr0jHTQXfJEBlPm38EkINig0DVkhynXfUPHV9C_Vt016RubacZcF_3KUA1HE2raemwnoaK2NxXs6YBZ2X0K-mWZoH-AOkrq0NX0BMRMXI7hk29-ZNzQ2NQw94KeKGwBAsmGc9ckhgnHu9mCTo6dGBbumIZu0G5xwmJ_C5_H9n0gc_m3f5UB8U8wdGMzR4RqJTR8-jhdSBELgZD74AYz8gtg/3f1/hoxl8hIPQzu5hROXR-cykw/h0/9IJH17zkqfN1VSLqUOHYD3rrb91GMIHoAB4yZyl3yJM> Register for a special session of DeMilitariseU next Thursday, 9/9, at 7:30pm ET for more on this moment and what we must do next.


This is not for charity purposes, Al. This is the bare minimum of what we owe Afghan people after decades of violent military occupation that caused intense destabilization, created refugee crises and enriched global military contractors. Right now, there are still thousands of Afghans who need basic humanitarian relief and are facing brutal oppression.

We are uplifting and directing resources to Afghan-led groups — they know best what is needed right now and it is critical to listen to those closest to those affected. If you can take action right now, here are some things you can do:


*         Sign the petition demanding that Congress create an open door refugee policy, increase the capacity of NGO operations, expedite the SIV process and charter flights for all Afghans seeking to leave Afghanistan.


*          <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/ss/c/CMxF4nARlf6wAFa1PSfv0pxLN8zuXd485gHNRhmg2sbueBAZQZQguhEq_h-KX5zhASPDN765A614isB43qN2fTC6HERWQw9rn-E66QC0lxn2is3tmucUwpapJqJd02XV220VezjKmseyfxqhTH6AT472yDLhYdf2hzipvu7AT9uxRx_U4Xz4RJFqOfMlTnfUDc80p4ttnLpvUnkSfA3NUk9KqMH6WIeCbbsBn0IFCEbqYFYroyeZKpRq1WNZehd24GYA7bzO-4tKTvzp2EaxwEgpgP53eNJkj8X1asXXIsO12msDCqS-kFJjY0wCFxL-RMal3lMl-sKMNJhBU1anJjKGeddkOshFuzFtNY1pJ-g/3f1/hoxl8hIPQzu5hROXR-cykw/h2/raRtNnC2dw9tlLNk0MVO1EabpUiN7aBFZ_O0LP-rFII> Call your representatives using their script to demand evacuation for the most vulnerable in Afghanistan including women, civil society activists, LGBTQIA2+, religious and ethnic minorities, and others


*          <https://u1584542.ct.sendgrid.net/ss/c/SVVf6UGddUySPN6znLYVWnLYOE5nmZlpv1OTfbq5lqWuqYzjwYCleKIQHji-i1ipAER5TCPHM4qKXWqSFYFoeDvITuUXCHQyd3I4RVhnXQ0OooJEvAWX2o5S7gQ1HjEjCdnzjxLWfsz3sh3beMghAbyQurIXQQs56FZtPjDX2v62AjCNstP3n1T88QHtDkjk5JNvnHpWUqeHvZxAmzwRoP8huJAEndlIWeDleeBm2zjXJnDYpWZEIDP96u4MRVMAg4g7-bn5UV3ele0PDsjbzw/3f1/hoxl8hIPQzu5hROXR-cykw/h3/bKqDyIHj_DtBoZf6rGXkX48Pduxtj40YJkVioa8uzuI> Register for our DeMilitariseU session for this Thursday 9/9, to directly hear from Afghan leaders and veterans about what this moment means and what we must do.


We must not allow political leaders to pat themselves on the back for a long overdue exit that leaves thousands vulnerable. We must help all those in Afghanistan who need help, not just those who assisted US occupation. The demands of the Afghan people at this moment must be the paramount message heard about this crisis. At About Face, we know the truth about endless war and we are determined to act to end them without causing needless harm.

In solidarity,


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