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Subject: 9/22 Pastors for Peace with Aviva Chomsky and Gail Walker and more
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See below for other information and activities!

Cuba: Confronting the U.S. Blockade and Covid-19
Wednesday, September 22nd — 7:00 pm ET

A Virtual presentation and Q&A exchange for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maine


Aviva Chomsky — author, A History of the Cuban Revolution and co-editor, The Cuba Reader: History, Culture, Politics

Gail Walker of IFCO/Pastors for Peace <https://ifconews.org/>  — A report back direct from two weeks in Cuba

A Fundraising Program for IFCO/Pastors for Peace — The Proposed Boston City Council Resolution to End the Embargo and Other Actions You Can Take

Register HERE <https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwrc-GppjwvE9Fp7geAdXshiEToaXW3fc6R> 

Sponsors: The Boston-Cuba Solidarity Coalition/July26.org <https://july26.org/>  and IFCO/Pastors for Peace <https://ifconews.org/> 
Cosponsors: Greater Hartford Cuba Solidarity Committee <https://www.facebook.com/Greater-Hartford-Cuba-Solidarity-Committee-105511741462549/> , Let Cuba Live <https://www.letcubalive.org/>  (Maine), First Baptist Church Jamaica Plain <https://www.firstbaptistjp.org/> , the Latin America/Caribbean Working Group of Massachusetts Peace Action <https://masspeaceaction.org/our-issues/latin-america/> 

Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/events/250527503639991> 

Flyer <https://www.dropbox.com/s/azm0syvdudnmtay/BostonIFCOannounce.pdf?dl=0>  


CIA Stories: The Cuban Who Conned the CIA

Amidst Biden's new regime change operation in Cuba, Abby Martin brings you an exclusive interview with the Cuban double agent who infiltrated the CIA and revealed the US plots we are seeing play out today. 



North American Solidarity Activists Speak Out   <https://solidaritycenter.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/mailing/view?reset=1&id=817&cid=77622&cs=45e9e1fcdfd917ccd9ae4984075e1a7d_1631284412_168> View more information in your browser 



Instead of reversing Trump’s unilateral coercive measures, Biden has extended the sanctions, which are illegal under international law.

The webinar will also announce the launch of a major report:

The Impact and Consequences 
of the US Sanctions

 <https://solidaritycenter.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/mailing/url?u=4879&qid=12515393> (click here for a preview of the report)



Sunday, September 12
4 pm PT / 7 pm ET


 <https://solidaritycenter.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/mailing/url?u=4880&qid=12515393> Register Here 


Sanctions are a form of war.

They are directed against the people from countries that will not follow the dictates of the US. 

The goal is to make the lives of the people in these countries intolerable so they will oppose their governments and support the US regime-change agendas in their countries. 

In their most severe form, as is being imposed on Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries, sanctions deny these countries food, medicine, and trade and cause great suffering for the people of the sanctioned countries.


 <https://solidaritycenter.ourpowerbase.net/civicrm/mailing/url?u=4881&qid=12515393> Join the Facebook Event Here 




Speakers include:



Margaret Flowers
on sanctions in Latin America


Omowale Clay
on sanctions in Africa


Asantewaa Nkrumah-Ture 
on sanctions as a tool of imperialism


Sara Flounders
on solidarity with sanctioned countries





Peace & Justice Conversations: The U.S. War on Cuba

As we know, not every war is fought with guns and bullets. The U.S. has been attempting to gain control over Cuba for more than a century, but since the last Cuban Revolution over 60 years ago this “embargo war” has escalated, causing the Cuban people to suffer.

Diane Stradling, a long-time Cuba activist, will describe the impact of the blockade, how it differs from an embargo, and how it affects the lives of Cubans on a daily basis.

She will update us on the current administration’s actions towards Cuba, as well as discuss the limited viewpoint presented by the mainstream press.

Diane is a progressive activist involved with issues of peace, racial justice, reproductive rights, immigration and the environment. During her undergraduate studies in Sociology at City College in New York, she says she spent as much time going to demonstrations in D.C. as attending classes.

She had hoped to join the Venceramos Brigade in 1969, but didn’t actually reach Cuba until 2003. Since then she has traveled to Cuba 10 times, bringing humanitarian aid, helping to build houses and leading delegations through Witness for Peace. These delegations help participants learn about life on a small island nation under siege.

Diane will share her experiences during these visits, as well as describe her current involvement with the National Network on Cuba’s Saving Lives Campaign.

Diane has an MEd. in Organization and Management from Antioch and was the director of several non-profit social service organizations in Keene and Portsmouth.

About NHPA’s bi-weekly Zoom Peace & Justice Conversation Series: 2020’s upheavals brought us to a new moment of reckoning and possibility. How do we want to live in the world? What do we value? How can we make the changes we’ve been yearning for? NH Peace Action has been engaged in working for change for decades. We’d like to bring you into these conversations about issues and options for the future. Join us!


There is no charge to attend, but your contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated: https://nhpeaceaction.org/donate/ <https://nhpeaceaction.org/donate/?fbclid=IwAR3gDDTyyP-YOmRqASlA4q9ubwZd8As0rPw8ipUdUR1A6h_u1pQ-6ZD1ByI> 




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Preview YouTube video CIA Stories: The Cuban Who Conned the CIA <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1qezipvu5E&authuser=2> 





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