[Act-ma_discuss] Whips, Horses, and Deportation

Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
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Dear Activist,


The images from this week are sickening. Haitians seeking asylum are being whipped and rounded up like cattle by the U.S. Border Patrol to return them back to danger. Let me say this again: Adults and children are being whipped by agents of the United States government. By your government, Amy. 


It’s cruel and inhumane and it’s a visual representation of the long-term systemic abuse and cruelty meted out by U.S. border enforcement – and President Biden must put an end to it. He can do that with a flick of his pen by rescinding the Title 42 expulsion order, a Trump-era policy that weaponized the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to violate the rights of children and adults seeking refuge in the United States.  <https://email.phr.org/4GV7-FFCH-1ISFRF-DCZTH-1/c.aspx> Please, add your voice to ours and demand that President Biden take action today. 


Horses, whips, and deportation flights are not the humane immigration system we were promised by the Biden administration. For years, Physicians for Human Rights has documented how U.S. border enforcement harms the safety and health of migrants seeking protection. That’s why our research team spent weeks at the border this summer, documenting human rights abuses and holding the Biden administration accountable. And that’s why we’re demanding action now. 


We will not give up until the United States’ asylum system reflects the values of people like you, Amy.  <https://email.phr.org/4GV7-FFCH-1ISFRF-DCZTH-1/c.aspx> Please, join us, and send a message to President Biden today.









Cynthia Pompa

Asylum Program Officer

Physicians for Human Rights




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