[act-ma] Boston City Council Demands Troops Home Now; Defund the War Budget & All Out for March 17

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Thu Feb 15 19:21:15 PST 2007

Sisters & Brothers,

Yesterday, Feb. 14, the Boston City Council voted 8-3 in support of a 
resolution (see attached) calling for the immediate withdrawal of all 
U.S. forces from Iraq and Afghanistan and the reallocation of funds from 
the Pentagon back to our communities where they can be used AIDS, jobs, 
housing, healthcare and education.  This resolution, introduced by City 
Councilor Chuck Turner and co-sponsored by Felix D. Arroyo, Charles C. 
Yancey, Sam Yoon and Michael Ross, makes clear and concrete the 
relationship between the funding of the war and occupation of Iraq and 
Afghanistan with the war here at home and the struggle against poverty, 
racism, sexism, violence and war.  This is an activist resolution which 
explicitly supports the March 17 rally/march on the Pentagon in 
Washington DC and encourages the people of Boston to get on the buses.

During the City Council's debate this resolution was attacked by other 
councilors with the outlandish claim that the Boston City Council has no 
right to debate U.S. foreign policy. It is the right and responsibility 
of all who oppose this illegal and criminal war to speakout and take an 
active role in getting U.S. Military forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan 
today and bringing the monies back to our communities. We must continue 
the heritage of Rosa Parks by standing up against the "triple evils" of 
poverty, racism and war. 

This resolution will serve as a model for cities throughout the country.

Chuck Turner is well known as a strong ally of the anti-war movement and 
as a fighter for people's rights not just in his district but throughout 
the City of Boston and the surrounding areas.  These attacks cannot go 
unanswered.  We are calling on all who oppose poverty, racism, sexism, 
violence & war to:

1) write letters to the editors of the Boston Metro, Boston Herald and 
the Boston Globe in support of the resolution and in support of Chuck;

Boston Metro - http://boston.metro.us/metro/yourturn
Boston Herald -  letterstotheeditor at bostonherald.com
Boston Globe - letter at globe.com

2) respond to the Boston Metros Question of the Day "Should city 
government be involved in World issues?" - letters at metro.us;

3) email, fax or phone your support to Chuck's office -
chuck.turner at ci.boston.ma.us

4) Most importantly follow the directive of the resolution and 
reserve/Purchase a seat on the March 17 buses - 
Tickets are $55 + $5 suggested donation for the Transportation Subsidy Fund.
Buses will depart from the Roxbury Community College parking lot (corner 
of Cedar St. and Columbus Ave.) 10:30pm on Friday, March 16 and will 
return to Boston very early in the morning on Sunday, March 18 (more 
than likely the T will not be running)

5) Get involved with the organizing for the March 17 rally/march on the 

* Organize your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. to get on 
the buses to DC;
* Download the flyer and distribute it at a T station, supermarket, 
school, etc. -  http://www.iacboston.org/031707/031707_flyer_2.pdf
* Contact the Troops Out Now Coalition and participate in one of the 
many flyer distributions that will be taking place between now and March 17.
* Attend the weekly mobilizers meetings (check the web site for date, 
time and location)

Troops Out Now Coalition

iacboston at iacboston.org

National Office:

Troops Out Now Coalition

iacboston at iacboston.org

National Office:

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