[act-ma] Thurs., 3/15, Meeting: NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL! STOP THE DEPORTATIONS!

Keith Rosenthal keithmr81 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 10 14:54:55 PST 2007

¡Ningun ser humano es ilegal! ¡’NO’ a las

No Human is Illegal! Stop the Deportations!

Thursday March 15, 7pm

Curtis Hall
Community Center
20 South St.
Jamaica Plain

(Take buses 38, 39, 41, 48 to “the Monument” stop)
Childcare available, please call.
Cuidado para niños y traducción puede ser provido,
llamar por favor.

The recent raids in New Bedford that rounded up over
350 immigrant workers and separated parents from their
children is just the latest example of the
government’s brutal attack on immigrants. Immigration
and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claimed to be targeting
“illegal” immigrants, but as the force that is
unjustly detaining workers and breaking up families,
ICE are the real criminals.

In the meantime, Congress is trying to pass new
immigration “reform.” But the only policies that
Republican and Democratic Party politicians support
are ones that will continue to exploit immigrant
workers, through a temporary worker program and
increased criminalization of immigrants. 

We need to fight for full legalization and a
moratorium on all deportations! We need to send that
message that no one is illegal! Come to a discussion
of how we can fight for the rights of immigrants and
all workers, and stop the attacks and deportations. 


Las redadas que han detenido mas de 350 inmigrantes in
New Bedford es solo un ejemplo de los ataques del
gobierno en contra de los inmigrantes. La migra es el
criminal verdadero por las redadas que han seperado
familias y detenido trabajadores inocentes. 

El congreso quieren propener un nuevo reforma
migratorio, pero la unica propuesta que los
Republicanos y Democratas quieren pasar es una ley que
sigue de exploitar inmigrantes. Los politicos quieren
un programa bracero y quieren crimanilizar los

Necesitamos luchar para la amnestia y un moratorio de
deportaciones! Asiste una dicusion sobre como podemos
luchar para los derechos de los inmigrantes, y mandar
el mensaje que ningun ser humano es ilegal!

Sponsored by: International Socialist Organization
isoboston at yahoo.com 617-648-0561

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