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Bolivia's Resource Wars: The Price Of Fire 

Boston Book Launch

date: Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

time: 7 PM

Lucy Parsons is proud to host the Boston book launch for Ben Dangl's book The Price of Fire: Resource Wars and Social Movements in Bolivia just published by AK Press. Ben Dangl recently won a Project Censored award for his website www.upsidedownworld.org, one of the best English language newsources on Latin America.

Ben will read from his new book, discuss the latest developments, and answer questions Tuesday, March 27th at 7pm at the Lucy Parsons Center, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston.


New social movements have emerged in Bolivia over the "price of fire"-access to basic elements of survival like water, gas, land, coca, employment, and other resources. Though these movements helped pave the way to the presidency for indigenous coca-grower Evo Morales in 2005, they have made it clear that their fight for self-determination doesn't end at the ballot box. From the first moments of Spanish colonization to today's headlines, The Price of Fire offers a gripping account of clashes in Bolivia between corporate and people's power, contextualizing them regionally, culturally, and historically. 

Advance Praise:

"With lively narrative and unpretentious but intelligent analysis, Dangl presents a compelling critique of our backwards global system wherein nations as rich in natural resources as Bolivia are also the poorest. But Price of Fire is not yet another bleak "tell-all" account of globalization, its pages are filled with stories of resistance, struggle and, above all, hope."-Teo Ballvé, editor of the NACLA Report on the Americas and co-editor of Dispatches from Latin America

"Ben Dangl takes the reader on an unforgettable and inspiring journey through Bolivia and neighboring countries, providing a window on the revolutionary struggles of the poor and dispossessed, and particularly on the resurgence of indigenous resistance and leadership."-Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of Blood on the Border: A Memoir of the Contra War

"Most Americans know nothing of Bolivia, an ignorance that only plays into the hands of empire. Ben Dangl's book is both informative and inspiring, a cure for the apathy that grows from that ignorance. A must-read for those already interested in solidarity with Latin America and indigenous people."-Tom Hayden, author of The Zapatista Reader and Street Wars

"Ben Dangl has found himself under the skin of the Bolivian freedom struggle: he accurately represents its constraints, its opportunities, and its hopes.On your feet, Bolivia! We're ready to march with you."-Vijay Prashad, author of The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World

"Ben Dangl's Price of Fire documents how the people of Bolivia, along with their comrades in other Latin American countries, are waging a global war against terror - against the terror of not having enough food to eat, the terror of watching children descend into mines to emerge old and wasted, and the terror of Bechtel and the IMF. With great empathy and lucid prose, Dangl captures the exemplary courage that has put Latin America in the vanguard of the new internationalism and has made it one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dismal global landscape."-Greg Grandin, author of Empire's Workshop

"Price of Fire by Ben Dangl informs, outrages, and builds hope. People's movements for societal betterment in South America are an inspiration for human rights activists worldwide and Dangl gives us a full serving of encouragement and hope. He documents how historical imperialism, dominated by US corporate/government capital interests, is being successfully challenged by indigenous activists. Price of Fire is the story of cultural resistance from the street to international geo-political alliances. I highly recommend this book for working people, students, and radical democrats to hear the voices of South American people and their chronicle of grassroots democratic empowerment."-Peter Phillips, Professor Sociology, Sonoma State University, Director Project Censored, and co-editor with Dennis Loo of Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney 

web site:  <http://www.boliviabook.com> http://www.boliviabook.com

Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Avenue
Boston's South End


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