[act-ma] 3/25 No Censorship Radio Revival!!!

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Sat Mar 24 18:46:56 PDT 2007

Forwarded for Chuck U.

Hello Activist/radio fans.
	After 2.5 years, No Censorship Radio is making a
one-time return to WMBR this Sunday (tomorrow) for a
3-hour extravaganza.
Chuck and Linda will be together again to bring you
the best in Art, Activism and Anarchy.
Although Linda says to be a true revival, we should
have the entire  staff,
including Nancy, Mark, and Aimee.  That’s a good one. 
Especially with at least 2/3rds of them being out of
state, so it’s not likely on such short notice.
(however, they’ve all been notified).
  	In fact, not likely that many of you will hear the
live broadcast on such short notice,
But it will be on the archives for 2 weeks.
	Featured tomorrow will be much footage from today’s
massive, inspiring rally on the Boston Common.  I was
TOTALLY energized by this event.
	We will air Howard Zinn’s comments in their entirety,
as well as most of Cindy Sheehan’s, plus a short
interview I did with Cindy after the fact.
She might even be joining us live on the air (still
working out those details).
	Bojah of the Insurrection, who’s band performed at
the rally, will be an in-studio guest as well.  We’ll
hear some of his band’s set, as well as the music of
	And the march – with a full New Orleans style
marching band leading the way, had great ambience and
fun interviews.
	We’ll even have a contributing report from Dave
Goodman, who “graciously” gave up his time to allow
for the return of No Censorship Radio.
	All this and more on WMBR, Sunday 3/25 from 10AM to
88.1FM – the most left station on your analogue
dial…or on the archives at wmbr.org for the next 2
	In the spirit of Love, Revolution, and NO WAR!
 - Chuck U.

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