[act-ma] 3/27 Salud at the Ashland Public Library.

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Sun Mar 25 08:34:13 PDT 2007

       7PM: ¡Salud! Cuba’s amazing health care
       accomplishments and contributions. (93 min)

Presented by
         Friends of Ashland Library  <http://www.FriendsoftheAshlandLibrary.com>
         Documentary Film Series   <http://friendsoftheashlandlibrary.com/events/events/movies_documentary/>

Cubans are among the world’s healthiest people, despite the United 
States’ 48-year embargo against the Cuban population -- an embargo even 
of food and medical supplies. In 2006, for the 15 consecutive year, the 
United Nations General Assembly, by a vote of 183 to 4, (voting against 
were the U.S., Israel, the Marshall Islands and Palua) condemned the 
embargo and called upon the United States to end it.

In addition to a healthy population, 28,000 Cuban health professionals 
serve in 68 countries. At the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) in 
Havana, now the largest medical school in the world, 12,000 low- income 
students from 27 countries—including nearly 100 from the United 
States—receives a free medical education in exchange for pledging to 
return to poor communities when they graduate.

Since 2004, Cuba has carried out Operation Miracle, through which almost 
400,000 patients from 28 countries – not including about 100,000 Cubans 
– received operations free of charge and recovered their sight. In 2005 
the Bush administration refused a Cuba offer of 1,500 specially trained 
disaster relief doctors for New Orleans.

How are Cuba’s health care accomplishments and world- wide contributions 
possible? ¡Salud! explores that question. See this documentary, join in 
the discussion, and ponder the answers for yourself.

“We have a different type of nuclear weapon: it’s our ideas. We possess 
a weapon as powerful as nuclear power and it is the immense justice for 
which we are struggling.”– Fidel Castro, November, 2005

"200 million children in the world sleep in the streets today. Not one 
of them is Cuban." (A sign in Havana, photographed March 1997)

Ashland Public Library

66 Front St.,

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